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Our Natural Sheep Casings Home Pack are small, more manageable casings. Ideal for small batches of meat. These casings vary in size and lengths. Perfect for home use and all levels of sausage making. Home Packs are more inconsistent when it comes to length when compared to our butcher-packs of casings.

Natural Sheep Casings Home Packs have varying diameters ranging between 20-30mm (¾ – 1 ¹/8) and varying lengths called shorts.

What Are Shorts
Shorts’ are any short off-cuts of sausage casings that could vary from 3 feet to 20 feet in length.

Product Details:

  • Edible
  • Ideal for snack sticks, hot dogs, Brockwurst and Landjaegar
  • Size: between 20-30mm (¾ – 1 ¹/8)*
  • Makes appro 15 lbs of sausage*
  • Includes 1 pack per order

    The natural casings should be kept refrigerated until ready for use. Un-refrigerated, these salted casings may give off a strong odor. This is Normal.  Simply put the casings back into the refrigerator and the odor will subside. Natural casings should never be frozen. It affects their integrity after thawing and will cause more blowouts.

    Shipping Information
    Natural casings cannot be shipped outside the United States. All natural casings are non-refundable and non-returnable.

    Natural Casings 101
    Click here for more information on what type of natural casing to use. Click here for additional sizes and types of natural casings.

    *Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

    Additional information

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    102 reviews for Natural Sheep Casings Home Pack

    1. Prospector (verified owner)

      Good value

    2. Kenneth Hess (verified owner)

      Great to have a smaller pack size for the beginner.

    3. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Good starter qty. for the home sausage maker.

    4. James Oathout (verified owner)

      I had in mind to make 10 lbs. of Frankfurters since my recently commented that some I had made some years ago using Sausage Maker were the best she had ever had. I have made small barches of Franks, salami, and pastrami before with good success. So, I ordered 2 packs of small lamb casings and mixed the meat and spices yesterday. Then today, I tried the lamb casings (which I’m pretty sure I’ve used before). They were too small in diameter and I couldn’t open the ends to wash, rinse, and load ontl my smallest stuffing tube. The problem wasn’t the tube, but my difficulty/inexperience in getting the ends open, whether fresh cut or not. Happily, I had some Sausage Maker pre-tubed of larger diameter, maybe
      3/4″ – 1″. Smoking tomorrow. I wish the small diameter casings were available in pre-tubed. I had to toss the first packag od lamb casings, but bought another as a spare. Maybe I can get some guidance in the technique.

    5. ROBERT TUCKER (verified owner)

      I thought it would be to small to use on my stuffer, but it turned out good. Will buy more.

    6. Scott Kelly (verified owner)

      I haven’t stuffed the casings yet, but they look like the right size to make weiners.

    7. Raghdah Taha (verified owner)

      Everything is perfect about this pak except that the casings are too small .. i mean the diameter ..
      I wish you offer a variety of diameters ..

    8. Elena M. (verified owner)

      I have been using these for lamb/beef sausages (Merguez) for two years now and have not had any problems with holes or knots. Referred a friend and she is as happy as I am. Would definitely recommend.

    9. fatima abou dib (verified owner)

      This is the first time I tried home made sausages, and the results turned out nearly perfect

    10. David Rinella (verified owner)

      I was happy to receive my casings quickly. They worked very well and made a great batch of sausage

    11. Wael Henien (verified owner)

      Not all is a same size and i found last time hair inside package please be careful

    12. Daniel Morson (verified owner)

      good stuff…

    13. Ernie Ellefson (verified owner)

      Packed in salt, and very simple to get ready for stuffing. A lot of pieces much longer than you would expect for a Home Pak. Very happy with them and will purchase again.

    14. Seth (verified owner)

      This was the perfect amount for 16 # of breakfast sausage. Tougher to rinse and stuff these little casings but worth the extra work in the end.

    15. Alan Enfinger (verified owner)

      Good product great price great service

    16. Kevin Walker PE (verified owner)

      The casings arrived in just a few days, and the hot dogs were a hit. Your website is excellent.

    17. Raymond Barsa (verified owner)

      Great product and delivery from this company. Will use them again.

    18. Wout Vantellingen (verified owner)

      I am very pleased with the Sausagemaker and their fast response. I needed sheep casing for a project and it was delivered in a matter of no time. Everything I need for my projects I get from them.

    19. craig nasholds (verified owner)

      Fine product and easy to use

    20. Anonymous (verified owner)

      The people who had trouble with these must never have used sheep casings before. They are the best I’ve ever used. I was concerned by the reviews, so I soaked what I thought I needed for about three hours. They went on just fine. Then I ran out of casings and soaked another length for only 10 minutes. It went on fine also. There were two or three ruptures in 6 pounds of breakfast sausage, but they were all my fault for stuffing too full. I’ll buy these again.

    21. Laura (verified owner)

      Order came right on time!
      Thank you

    22. Stephen Wells (verified owner)

      Great for smaller batches

    23. Frank Ventura (verified owner)

      I was sent the wrong casings but sausage maker corrected the issue and I received the right casings within 2 days. I have ordered from this company for years and have always received quality merchandise and in a reasonable amount of time. Now I need another deer.

    24. Stuart Harbottle (verified owner)

      They work well making borrewors a South African sausage…….Would like to get one a little thiner.

    25. Dirk (verified owner)

      but in my package the diameters are mostly under 20 mm than above.

    26. Anthony Nelson (verified owner)

      Fount these to be excellent casings for link breakfast sausage.

    27. AJ (verified owner)

    28. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Nice, fresh casings that worked nicely for breakfast sausage links.

    29. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Great shipping ,great prices and great product a+

    30. Jonathan Sawyer (verified owner)

      The best!

    31. John Mendyka (verified owner)

      I have never made sausage before. Using these casings was difficult for a beginner but I quickly learned. They were effective and tasty.

    32. Patty Gravley (verified owner)

    33. veronica botzis (verified owner)

      We have purchased quite a few casings and they always arrive in great condition and come quite quickly. Good work!

    34. Harold Zetomer (verified owner)

      great product for small batch sausage making

    35. Pablo Nieves (verified owner)

      Excellent product

    36. joseph ficalora (verified owner)


    37. thomas mccain (verified owner)

      Haven’t used this yet but I like the packaging .

    38. david waters (verified owner)

    39. pbranden (verified owner)

      Sausage – GOOD!

    40. John E Lyford (verified owner)

      these are all I need

    41. Dennis (verified owner)

      not used yet but is here when I’m ready. Quick service

    42. dominic falvo (verified owner)


    43. The Bad Mother Supper Club (verified owner)

      Great products and they arrived quickly.

    44. John Pressly (verified owner)

      Good prices. Timely delivery. Will definitely use again.
      Many thanks.

    45. Edward Hobbs (verified owner)

    46. Yariv Simantov (verified owner)

    47. jean-eudes haeringer (verified owner)

      Will order way more!!

    48. Henry Hild (verified owner)

      Rapid shipment of just what I needed. Will comment later should the casing quality be less than expected. Doubt I shall need to do so.

    49. John Thalhauser (verified owner)

      I have not yet used the items I purchased but I think the pricing is reasonable, the items were delivered quickly and they were nicely packaged. I also think you have a good website with a very good variety of products

    50. Craig Allan (verified owner)

      The casings are in perfect condition and packaged and tied to have fewer tangles. Also a great value for the guy at home that is not a professional

    51. Ivan Ayala (verified owner)

      Frist the shipping was fast. Great quality of the casing and easy to work with, I’ll definitly order again.

    52. Lars Nylander (verified owner)

    53. Charlie (verified owner)

      These worked as well as I hoped