Natural Hog Casings Home Pack

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Our Natural Hog Casings Home Pack are small, more manageable casings. Ideal for small batches of meat. These casings vary in size and lengths. Perfect for home use and all levels of sausage making. Home Packs are more inconsistent when it comes to length when compared to our butcher-packs of casings.

Natural Hog Casings Home Pack casings are sourced from high-quality, Grade-A, North American hogs only, whisker-free and edible with that special *snap in every bite.

These casings are ideal for making Italian sausage, Polish sausage, bratwurst, jumbo hot dogs and country pork sausage.

Product Details:

  • Edible
  •  Sourced from high-quality, Grade-A, North American hogs only and whisker free
  • Ideal for making Italian sausage, Polish sausage, bratwurst, jumbo hot dogs and country pork sausage.
  • Size: 32-38mm (1 ¼ – 1 ½)
  • Makes between 20 – 30 lbs. sausage (depending on links/rope size)*
  • Includes 1 pack per order

Preparing Natural Casings 

  1. Remove approximate amount you will need.
  2. Place casings in a clean food safe bowl.
  3. Rinse casings of salt under cool running water.
  4. Flush insides of casings to assist in smooth casing application.
  5. For small casings (<42mm): place bowl in cool water to soak for about 2 hours in refrigerator prior to use.
  6. For larger casings (>42mm): place bowl of beef bung, middles and/or rounds in refrigerator to soak overnight prior to use.
  7. Optional for smell control – add 1/2 tsp baking soda per cup of water.
  8. Optional for tenderizing – squeeze a lemon or a add a tablespoon of white vinegar to soaking water to refresh casings.

The natural casings should be kept refrigerated until ready for use. Un-refrigerated, these salted casings may give off a strong odor. This is Normal.  Simply put the casings back into the refrigerator and the odor will subside. Natural casings should never be frozen. It affects their integrity after thawing and will cause more blowouts.

Shipping Information
Natural casings cannot be shipped outside the United States. All natural casings are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Natural Casings 101
Click here for more information on what type of natural casing to use. Click here for additional sizes and types of natural casings.

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

Additional information

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182 reviews for Natural Hog Casings Home Pack

  1. William Lawrence (verified owner)

    Sometimes i’ll try a new recipe and make a small batch. These work well with that.


  2. PAT PETRO (verified owner)

    Use the same casings every year what a wonderful place to buy from.

  3. Marlene Cromis (verified owner)

    I am always happy with the quality and quantity of theses casings. They are just right for home use.

  4. Judith Nawrocki (verified owner)

    The absolute way to go if you are making small batches. Easy to use. Will definitely be buying this again. Homemade sausage is awesome.

  5. William Lawrence (verified owner)

    I really like using these casings. Just enough to do my Christmas sausage and the perfect size. These are my go to casings.

  6. michael macy (verified owner)

    Thank you for the great service and the good products

  7. ronald houseman (verified owner)

    Worked ok…

  8. Donald Hultman (verified owner)

    Small quanitities of casings for the periodic home sausage maker can be hard to find locally as many butchers don’t want to mess with small quantities or even take from their stocks. This Home Pak fits the bill since I only make about 20 lbs. of Swedish sausage per year.

  9. Joe (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, easy to use. The various lengths of the casing made for easy control of the sausage making.

  10. Prospector (verified owner)

    Good value

  11. Kenneth Hess (verified owner)

    Enjoy the smaller pack size for the home cook.

  12. David Canada (verified owner)

    Cleaning is easy and the casing make a fairly ample sausage.. ty

  13. Donald Hamm (verified owner)

    Casing were good. Did have a couple “blow outs” but I don’t believe it was due to bad casing. Stuck on tube.
    Priced right.

  14. joseph campisi (verified owner)

    Will not use for a week or two but past casing orders have been excellent

  15. Mark Geslock (verified owner)

    The casings were in great condition. The lengths were perfect. All were uniform and well packed

  16. Isaac Walters (verified owner)

    As a home sausage maker that likes to make small batches, the “Home Pak” was a great amount of odds and ends casings at a great price. The “Home Pak” was a wonderful idea and I am glad you offer it to us “small time” people.

  17. Kyle McArthur (verified owner)


  18. julio c VAZQUEZ (verified owner)


  19. Paul (verified owner)

    Great product. No holes on casings, clean and odorless

  20. Bill Brach (verified owner)

    Thanks for the usual great service. I have been making bratwurst and landjaeger for 4-5 years now and always get my casings from The Sausage Maker. I just snuck in one last batch of landjaeger before the hot weather cam and used the last of my castings. I bought 8 packages, enough for 200# of product, and they shipped to my door for free. They even arrived next day. The home packs are a great value, and keep indefinitely! Keep up the good work Sausage Maker!

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We have been using the Home Pak Natural Hog Casings for a while now and have been very happy with the product. Previously, they have yielded a much better finished product than casings I used to use from the outdoor product retailers. We use them mostly for fresh brats.

  22. Douglas Duncan (verified owner)

    For small batches these casings work great.

  23. Anthony Verna (verified owner)

    These are perfect for the home sausage maker. Plenty of casings in the package.

  24. Adelina Donato (verified owner)

    We have purchased these casings for years and are very happy with the product. Our sausage come out very tender and cures well

  25. Kirby Lamburn (verified owner)

    haven’t used yet

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I used these casings for my first attempt at sausage making and they worked great!

  27. scott Bower (verified owner)

    home paks work great for what I do

  28. Hunter Lilly (verified owner)

    Really hard as a first time user, get the pre-tube ones they are nice


  29. David Harold Foster (verified owner)

    Great product

  30. David Aquino (verified owner)

    Today we stuffed some deer sausage into your hog
    casings and they are top quality and made very good
    sausage. I will reccomend your products to my friends.

  31. Tad Walicki (verified owner)

    The product came on time and as always is excellent.

  32. Zbigniew Zabczyk (verified owner)

    Excellent !!!

  33. Joshua Osborn (verified owner)

    Made some brats with liked.They seem to work better than the ones I was getting at the store.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Most of casings are good, but one casing was too thin, broke several times during processing.

  35. Linda Krasowski (verified owner)

    We find these pretty reliable.

  36. Stephen Ruhmel (verified owner)

    The sausage casings are great, but my special instructions were ignored. I requested the face of a pig be drawn on my package but, alas, no friendly swine was to be found.

  37. Ruijuan Ruan (verified owner)

    The web page says unit weight 1lb. The package is only 150g, about 1/3 lb.

  38. brian kulp (verified owner)

    perfect size for home use I use them foe sweet it and breakfast links

  39. Daniel Morson (verified owner)

    Good Stuff…

  40. John Frailey (verified owner)

    So great for a hobbyist like me to be able to buy a small package of casings. You guys are great. And Bruce Aidell has you as a source in his sausage book

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A great product to use. super fast shipping.

  42. Michael Burger (verified owner)

    I appreciated the option of purchasing a smaller package of these casings for home use. They worked well for me.

  43. Ernie Ellefson (verified owner)

    Packed in salt, and very simple to get ready for stuffing. A lot of pieces much longer than you would expect for a Home Pak. Very happy with them and will purchase again.

  44. Alan Enfinger (verified owner)

    Good product great price

  45. Yiming Xu (verified owner)

    Very good,Very clean

  46. Zachary Harman (verified owner)

    I ordered sausage casings for the first time, great prices and shipping rates are good. Got our order in a timely manor and it was correct and well packed. Will order again soon.

  47. craig nasholds (verified owner)

    Great stuff, consistent and easy to use

  48. Maria Leonila Palanca (verified owner)

    Reasonably priced and packaged perfectly! Thankyou!!

  49. andreas welter (verified owner)

    Came in as expected – great cook and snap

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delivery on time, product is exactly as online description. Very good and convenience for homemade sausage.

  51. tiothy stockert (verified owner)

  52. Frank Squeri (verified owner)

    This was my first attempt at making sausage and the hog casings from Sausage Maker worked great. They were very easy to work with and I will use them again the nexttine I make sausage

  53. Aaron Gardner (verified owner)

  54. Jonathan Beck (verified owner)

    The spices were wonderful and priced nice

  55. Dragomir Janic (verified owner)


  56. Zbigniew Zabczyk (verified owner)

  57. Michael Strader (verified owner)

  58. Jonathan Sawyer (verified owner)

    The best casings !

  59. Norman Shifflett (verified owner)

    Good product

  60. Clarissa Coffey (verified owner)

    I’m new to making sausage, and these casings were easy to work with and no blow outs!

  61. Todd Kemp (verified owner)

    They work great made a bunch of LandJeager and brats.

  62. Suzie Shaw (verified owner)

    Good casings. Strong and sturdy, but yet light enough to case pepperoni, etc.

  63. joseph ficalora (verified owner)

    Great for dry sausage

  64. pbranden (verified owner)

    Sausage – GOOD!

  65. John E Lyford (verified owner)

    don’t need the larger casings.these work well for me.

  66. Dragi Jovanovich (verified owner)

    This is the second purchase of this product. I have used these casings for packing brats and Italian sausage. They came out great. The response time from order to receiving the product is very good, and I have a confidence in dealing with The Sausage Maker group. Five stars so far.

  67. Dennis (verified owner)

    not used yet but is here when I’m ready. Quick service

  68. joseph marino (verified owner)

    My first time making Italian sausage ad results were perfect. The casings were a little tricky at firs, but after I got the hang of it I felt like a pro.

  69. Xin Xia (verified owner)

  70. William Gilbert (verified owner)

  71. Yariv Simantov (verified owner)

    A company you can trust and rely on, starting from the quality of the product, through its packaging and delivery.

  72. Aldi (verified owner)

    First time sausage maker and I am so excited to find hog casings online. Tried home pak natural hog casing and it is really good. It won’t break while you’re filling it and it can be crispy when you fry it. Delivery is fast too.

  73. Henry Hild (verified owner)

  74. John Thalhauser (verified owner)

    I have not yet used the items I purchased but I think the pricing is reasonable, the items were delivered quickly and they were nicely packaged. I also think you have a good website with a very good variety of products

  75. Thomas Gallagher (verified owner)

  76. jerry turczak (verified owner)

    I have used casings that I purchased quite a while ago and made over 100 pounds of polish sausage. I bought a hank. This time I just wanted enough to make a few pounds. Glad I was able to buy a small

  77. Gail (verified owner)

    These casings are easier to use than other brands because they have been carefully cleaned and processed.

  78. Truitt Mosley (verified owner)

    What can I say I also got some of the Pretubed casings and they are the greatest.

  79. Stephen Grazaitis (verified owner)

    I have been buying these from TSM the past few years. They are excellent quality.

  80. William Recek (verified owner)

    I found having various sizes helpful. I made one batch of Italian Sausage and one size was smaller that would fit better in a bun.

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Prompt service and excellent product. Will be ordering more in the future

  82. Ciro Calemma (verified owner)

    Amazing and fast. Really happy with my purchase

  83. Stan LISIECKI (verified owner)

    Casings arrived sooner than expected. Strong, no breakage in casings when stuffed. Loved using these, second order.

  84. V G (verified owner)

  85. Greg Clayton (verified owner)

  86. Craig Witkowski (verified owner)

    Product is delivered on time… excellent quality

  87. Robert Trebble (verified owner)

  88. Jim Glavan (verified owner)

  89. Venec Petrov (verified owner)

    Quality is great and I am no longer looking at the retail stores.

  90. bob reali (verified owner)

    Have not used yet but a perfect pack for small batches

  91. Aaron West (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying these for years. They are great for brats and sausage that thick. I fill a sink of cold water to rinse and untangle them. Then run water through them and let them sit in the sink till I put them on the stuffer. When they are wet you can easily slide the onto the stuffer without breaking them.

  92. JEFFREY KLOPFENSTEIN (verified owner)

  93. JOHN HARDIE (verified owner)


  94. Michael Lunger (verified owner)

  95. Robert J Scott (verified owner)

    Nice long casings

  96. Daniel Liss (verified owner)

    Product received quickly after ordering.

  97. Yao Fu (verified owner)

    The first shopping is very satisfactory, the quality of the goods is very good, the delivery speed is also very fast, if I need to continue to shop here.

  98. Frank (verified owner)

  99. Russell Peotter (verified owner)

    Always fine with the usual minor irregularities of a natural product.

  100. Dennis Nelson (verified owner)

    I really like The Sausage Maker products. The products are excellent quality for a good price. Their shipping is fast and not overly expensive. Good quality and service. Thank you.

  101. Joseph Torchia (verified owner)

    Great Product. More than I needed and seems to be great quality.

  102. Timothy Wright (verified owner)

    Although it took the package a few days longer than usual, the package arrived in mint condition. The casing was kept cool in the package. The product was high quality. Good price and I will definitely order again.

  103. chris (verified owner)

  104. sari (verified owner)

  105. Maria Pina (verified owner)

    My order was easy to place. I love all the extra information on your site. Order got here quick.

  106. Philip Evans (verified owner)

  107. Mark Swartz (verified owner)

  108. Kevin Adey (verified owner)

    Stuffed easily

  109. Dirk Andersen (verified owner)

  110. George Jeffers (verified owner)

    Good quality product. Just the right amount for a home sausage maker. Good for a couple of batches. Delivered very promptly even though I’m on the other side of the country.

  111. Scott Strzelecki (verified owner)

    I found the casings great to work with. They were not as long as the wholesale version i was used to working with and produced a great finished product. If you want to make a small amount, like 5-10 lbs, this is perfect as well as 25 lbs. I Just like the cut size for home use.

  112. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent! Can order small quantities and not pay big shipping charges!
    I’ll be back soon.

  113. Bryan Crutchley (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this several times, the lengths are kinda short, maybe 5 to 7 links, but the price is right.

  114. Mike Lael (verified owner)

    These have been one of the most consistent products I’ve used without many holes or tears to speak of. Little pricier than others but great quality.

  115. Kanstantsin Savelyeu (verified owner)

  116. John E Lyford (verified owner)

    worked great

  117. lee thornton (verified owner)

    good stuff with good instructions.

  118. Michael Middlebrooks (verified owner)

  119. Michael K (verified owner)

  120. scott dimick (verified owner)

  121. Xiaojuan Zhu (verified owner)

  122. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good quality, no tears, weak spots, or holes.

  123. Igor Krivulin (verified owner)

    Very quick get my order. Good product.

  124. Don (verified owner)

    The product was delivered in great condition. However, it took several days to arrive and I was not given a tracking number. The survey/review request arrived before I received the items. A tracking number would have been nice.

  125. Marcelo Di Mauro (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed and what was expected.
    Great value and great product

    thank you

  126. George Karaivanov (verified owner)

  127. Alice (verified owner)

    I’m happy with the casing I bought for home made sausage.

  128. Tom the MeatMan (verified owner)

    I’ve used these hog casings to make bratwurst, knockwurst, andouille and kielbasa. Not too much waste or failures. Good product.

  129. Costin frinculescu (verified owner)

  130. HR (verified owner)

    I think it is important to provide the customer with all the information about their orders. Hopefully consider this opinion, because that way false expectations are not created. As for the quality of the product, it is excellent. Thank you.

  131. Lillian Little (verified owner)

    This is exactly as described and a very good product! Thank you so much!

  132. Jay Cole (verified owner)

    I ordered a package of these, but it was leaking when it arrived. I contacted the company, and they sent out a replacement right away, free of charge. Thanks Meghan!

  133. sam lindsey (verified owner)

    Been looking for these locally without any luck. These are exactly what I’ve been wanting.

  134. Giampietro Benedetti (verified owner)

    Shipping is moore expensive then the product

  135. Katrina Vidal (verified owner)

    The casings arrived in approximately a week and worked really well. This is the second tine I’ve ordered and am very satisfied.

  136. Kerry Jarrell (verified owner)

  137. Thomas Kozlowski (verified owner)

  138. David Flanagan (verified owner)

  139. Lucky (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the product. Shipping so quick and great price. Will be back for more stuff.

  140. michael karol (verified owner)

  141. Extraordinary sausage (verified owner)

    Stuffed 10lb with a handful left over. They also had the proper texture giving my sausages the “pop” I was hoping for.

  142. Anthony Rudolphi (verified owner)

    Like every order, a couple of clicks and the product is on the way. Hog Casings came quickly and are of the highest quality. Thank you Sausage Maker

  143. Timothy McFeely (verified owner)

    Had a lot of trouble with tearing the first few feet. Not anybody’s fault except the hog. Rest of the bag worked out just fine.

  144. Maria P (verified owner)

    First time making sausage with a casing I purchased online and not at a local butcher. Excellent quality, so clean (the butcher ones are usually so pungent!) that it made my cleaning of them so much easier! My sausages are curing as I write this, can’t wait till they’re ready!

  145. David johnson (verified owner)

    If you want to order just the right amount of casing for a batch, this is the way to go. Just soak and rinse. Most of the casings are about 3 feet long. A couple were maybe 5. Worked great.

  146. Andrei Labar (verified owner)

  147. Pamela Song (verified owner)

    the order is very easy, and shipping is fast. the good is same as on the line.

  148. Stan Han (verified owner)

  149. frank asztalos (verified owner)

  150. Yuchi Chao (verified owner)

    Fast shipment. Happy with the item. My sausage turned out great.

  151. PS (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the quality, price and delivery of several hog casings I ordered. The Sausage Maker is my go to place. Thank you!

  152. Lyle Trulsen (verified owner)

  153. Terry Cleland (verified owner)

    Worked great . Will definitely order again

  154. Dennis Ghylin (verified owner)

  155. erik skov (verified owner)

    All as ordered

  156. Vince (verified owner)

    Easy for this first timer to use.

  157. Edward Haka (verified owner)

    Product was as advertised. Shipping was a little slow.

  158. robert roscoe (verified owner)

    very pleased with the casing and will order again

  159. kenneth sullivan (verified owner)

    Casings Or delivered on time and work well!

  160. richard greco (verified owner)

    Ordered the small pack of casings for a project on an upcoming road trip. It was the right product delivered to the right place at the right time

  161. Robert Erickson (verified owner)

    Package Came here perfect shape
    Have Not Used Yet
    But I have Every Reason To Believe It will Be Perfect
    If Not they will stand behind it 100%

  162. Romeo wong (verified owner)

    I will buy again.

  163. Rossana D’Alogna (verified owner)

  164. Ronald Quilliam (verified owner)

    good lengths and held up perfect during stuffing

  165. Darby Bunnell (verified owner)

  166. Jonathan (verified owner)

  167. David Bloom (verified owner)

    Nicely sized for home production

  168. Jon Holz (verified owner)

  169. JOHN NOE (verified owner)


  170. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect size, perfect quantity, and perfect price for home use.

  171. Anonymous (verified owner)

  172. Emma Grace Violette (verified owner)

  173. Freddyfred (verified owner)

  174. Oxana Mardoian (verified owner)

  175. Anonymous (verified owner)

  176. Clayton Gardner (verified owner)

    As always, good quality casings.

  177. Esa (verified owner)

  178. Eric Sluss (verified owner)

  179. Roger Reese (verified owner)

  180. Patricia S Peters (verified owner)

    My husband makes all of his own sausage and bologna during deer season and he always orders from here. He gets what he needs quickly and at reasonable prices.

  181. david H

    casings split when cooking, i usually cook my sausages in frying pan with water half way up on the sausage, cook for 25 minutes, all casings so far have split open letting all the flavor cook out of the sausage. whole batch ruined with these cheap casing never buy again, looks like have to go to butcher for some good casings can’t understand why the ratings are so high i can’t be the only one who has this issue.

  182. willburr9765

    I have been smoking meat and making jerky for decades “uncle Abes is the best”. However being new to sausage making I know from reading many reviews many vendors and sausage experts that cases are not all created equal. I have found these cases to be great, I have not struggled with ruptured cases split cases “as the lone negative reviewer states”. These cases have been great in stuffing and smoking, grilling, pan frying. Awesome product.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    are your natrual hog casings AA Grade ?
  1. 0 votes
    Q are your natrual hog casings AA Grade ? answer now

    Our casings are Grade A, whisker free and non dyed hog casings sourced from American Hogs.

  2. What is the best way to distaste the casings when they come out of the pack? Are they wrapped around a plastic ring?
  3. 0 votes
    Q What is the best way to distaste the casings when they come out of the pack? Are they wrapped aro...... Read more answer now

    I soak the casings in acidulated water (with lemon or vinegar) and some baking soda, for a few hours then flush the insides out with fresh water. These are not tied with a plastic ring. These casings are short, and not full length casings

  4. how many oz is pack.
  5. 0 votes
    Q how many oz is pack. answer now

    The pack makes roughly 25 lbs of sausages. The weight of the package is irrelevant.

  6. You say casings are from North American Hogs. Does that mean hogs from Canada and Mexico as well as USA? Those 2 countries are also in North America.
  7. 0 votes
    Q You say casings are from North American Hogs. Does that mean hogs from Canada and Mexico as well ...... Read more answer now

    Our casings are from AMERICAN HOGS that come from the UNITED STATES. They are not illegal aliens. 

  8. How long can they store if never opened and refrigerated?
  9. 0 votes
    Q How long can they store if never opened and refrigerated? answer now

    These casing should almost last forever if stored properly, but we recommend you buy fresh casings every year.

  10. Are these Made in USA?
  11. 0 votes
    Q Are these Made in USA? answer now

    Yes sir.