Fresh Collagen Casings 22mm

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Fresh Collagen Casings 22mm is a popular size for making breakfast sausage. This casing is used for fresh sausage only. These casings are pleated into strands that can be unfurled and placed on  1/2″ stuffing tube.

Fresh collagen casings are thin and tender and virtually adhere to the meat after they are stuffed. Made from the hide of cattle, edible. Keep refrigerated.

Fresh Collagen Casings 22mm Product Details:

  • Edible
  • Fresh sausage only
  • Ideal for breakfast sausage
  • Size: 22mm (7/8″)
  • Total length of casings: 145 feet
  • Use with  1/2″ stuffing tube
  • Stuffing capacity per package: 30 lbs.*
  • Approximately 7/8″ when stuffed*
  • Strand collagen casings should never be wetted or soaked
  • Keep refrigerated

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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    66 reviews for Fresh Collagen Casings 22mm

    1. Ronald Raymond Anhorn (verified owner)

      I have had no issues with your company and I have been ordering your for a long while… Security is good … speed of receiving my shipment is great (even though I live in another county) I will continue to order with you for a long time…

    2. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Using these cases are easy and make great breakfast sausage size sausages

    3. Clifford Hayward (verified owner)

      Great size for breakfast sausage. Haven’t used these ones as they were to replace my stock. They keep well in the fridge, as suggested.

    4. GEORGE PANOS (verified owner)

      I have been buying products from the Sausage maker for several years now. Great products and great prices. Highly recommended.

    5. Jeff Schlichtemeier (verified owner)

      Awesome Product!! For several years, I have used these casings for deer and elk sticks, I have been very pleased with, not only, the strength but also the flexibility of the casings, I would definitely recommend these casings to all processors, regardless of ability.

    6. alan penfield (verified owner)

      Always exactly what I expected. Great for making larger sausage sticks.

    7. Vonnie Bergman (verified owner)

      We have used the Fresh Collagen Casings for several years now making our very own breakfast sausage links and are very happy with them. That is why we always order more…….thank you!!

    8. carlos guillamon (verified owner)

      All the products I bought from your company have been very good, the delivery has been on time and your advise has been very convenient

    9. Anonymous (verified owner)

      This is my second purchase of the 22mm (7/8″) Fresh Collagen Casings. Both orders arrived very quickly and totally satisfied with the product.

    10. Paul Hoyt (verified owner)

      really nice for breakfast links

    11. Wade Clark (verified owner)

      These casings were very easy to use and held up to filling, zero breaks. Made stuffing them a pleasure! Perfect for breakfast links! Will order again!

    12. Ronathon (verified owner)

      So much nicer than fighting with a sheep casing trying to get them on the stuffer tube. And if you don’t like the skin you can slit with a knife and it Peel’s right off after cooking.

    13. mike b (verified owner)

      Used for years keep coming back for more, can stuff a lot of sausage in short amount of time, just don’t try to pack to tight or they will split just fill them pretty snug

    14. Patrick Sarbacher (verified owner)

      I use yor 22mm all the time for little pig breakfast sausage. Would like another up to date catalog!!!!!!

    15. Robert Crutcher (verified owner)

    16. robert uri (verified owner)

    17. leslie deickman (verified owner)

      i wanted to make low sodium hot dogs. worked well and tasted good.

    18. Steven Chissus (verified owner)

      Best price around and super fast shipping. I’ll be back for more!

    19. michael a cetnar (verified owner)

    20. Lenny Wlodarczyk (verified owner)

    21. Miroslaw Kozicki (verified owner)

      Works very well
      on tome delivery

    22. E&J Rank (verified owner)

      Worked well, easy to work with, strong.

    23. Dire Wolf (verified owner)

      Quick response, competitive price, great product.

    24. Dale Render (verified owner)

      Simple to use and they work great.

    25. Adam Moore (verified owner)

      Made 40lbs of maple breakffast sausage and used these casings, couldn’t be happier I’ll be ordering more for sure.

    26. Dave (verified owner)

      I’m a rookie with collagen casings but I managed to turn out some breakfast sausage

    27. Jackie Lohr (verified owner)

      These casings are tough, making them very easy to work with. They are easy to fill (once you figure out which way to fill them). I overstuffed the first ones I did, and twisted them into breakfast links. I really thought they would break, but they didn’t. I used some for beef sticks and smoked them, they did fine. The smoked sausages are better with the casing removed, but the casing is not objectionable when eaten on breakfast or smoked sausage.
      Nice product!!

    28. john hashagen (verified owner)

      Quality product used for our breakfast sausage..

    29. John (verified owner)

      Typical collagen casing. Worked as expected. Liked the shorter lengths as opposed to typical long lengths sold elsewhere.

    30. Dale Larsen (verified owner)


    31. lenn greer (verified owner)

      I haven’t tried them yet.

    32. Thomas Antosh (verified owner)

    33. Derrell Wutzke (verified owner)

    34. CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR (verified owner)

    35. chris (verified owner)

    36. Donny (verified owner)

      Sausages stuffed easily and cooked up great with these fresh collagen casings.

    37. JAY (verified owner)

      I prefer this casing best.

    38. Matthew Breed (verified owner)

      Always fresh and great to work with, no splitting

    39. Rodolfo Bieder (verified owner)

      Excelente servicio, el envío todo OK, el producto es excelente para hacer salchicha parrillera tipo argentino. Seguiré comprando este producto para la elaboración de nuestra salchicha parrillera.

    40. James Parsons (verified owner)

    41. Sai Lee (verified owner)

      Love the casing. 5 star.

    42. foodie (verified owner)

      Simple and easy to use, both for breakfast sausage links and snack stick. No fussing with tangled sheep casing!

    43. gary fitzgerald (verified owner)

      First time using them, flawless

    44. Daniel Demarest (verified owner)

      Easy to use and consistent quality.

    45. NORTHEAST MACHINE FABRICATION (verified owner)

    46. Appalachian Joe (verified owner)

      Not one single complaint about these casings. Well packaged, easy to use, very durable, yet very tender when cooked.

    47. David Joseffer (verified owner)

      I haven’t put these to use yet, but will be making some Nurnberger Rostbratwurste in about a week. Looking forward to it.

    48. Ernest Prince (verified owner)

      Too small to fit the tubes that come with the stuffer.

    49. dave wingerter (verified owner)

      This casings are great. they come off the stuffing tube very smooth.

    50. son vo (verified owner)

    51. steve hunt (verified owner)

    52. Cris Delbaugh (verified owner)

      haven’t used yet

    53. Billy Kaul (verified owner)

    54. David (verified owner)

      Had a couple bow outs, but nothing out of the ordinary. Casings worked very well and the links cooked up nicely.

    55. Christine Nash (verified owner)

      The casings worked very well.

    56. Kelly (verified owner)

      Worked great, strong no blowouts.

    57. Kevin (verified owner)

    58. jham0077 (verified owner)

      These are good for breakfast links. I only wish they would stay twisted.

    59. Kenneth R Newman (verified owner)

    60. Timothy Lobb (verified owner)

      Fresh great quality Casings

    61. KEITH CORBIN (verified owner)

    62. Mark Johnson (verified owner)

      Quick and easy to find what I was looking for. Shipping was timely. Haven’t used the product yet, but have no reason to believe there will be any issues at all.

    63. Todd Cooper (verified owner)

    64. David Reynolds (verified owner)