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Vacuum Food Sealers

We offer a fantastic lineup of high-quality vacuum sealer machines, both chambered and non-chambered, ranging from the most economical Weston PRO-1100 food sealer to the top-of-the-line VP320 VacMaster Vacuum Machine, just one of three different VacMaster chambered vacuum food sealer machine options we provide.

A quality food saver machine gives you the ability to preserve all types of food for later use by extending their lifespan and greatly reducing spoilage, which means money savings. A food vacuum sealer protects your food, adds safety, improves taste and allows for easy marinating. You can also use your sealer to protect your valuables, such as jewelry and cherished photographs, from becoming damaged as a result of being exposed to the atmosphere. Our full selection of Weston vacuum sealers includes the PRO-1100, PRO-2100 and PRO-2300 non-chambered units as well as the Weston PRO-2500 Chambered Vacuum Sealer, perfect for sealing liquids as well as fragile foods.