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Kitchen Thermometers

You'll find this category features just about every type of thermometer for food prep and kitchen use, including a meat thermometer with probe to measure internal temperature, oven thermometer for measuring accurate oven temperature, refrigerator thermometer for refrigerator or freezer temperature measurements, grill thermometer for monitoring grill temperatures, and smoker thermometer for checking high and low parameters of your smoker or smokehouse. These smoker and grill thermometers come with long cables, allowing the probes to be placed inside and the monitor to be outside. This way, you don't have to open the grill or smokehouse to check temperatures.

Another type of BBQ thermometer is the digital meat thermometer fork that instantly measures internal meat temperature in either C or F. An alternative instant read thermometer features a single stainless steel probe and digital readout in either C or F. This probe thermometer has a range of -58/572 F.