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Starter Cultures and Molds

Starter cultures and molds play an integral role in the final taste of sausage. Different cultures produce very different flavors, from pronounced sour to less-acidic flavors, by affecting meat’s pH levels. Order individually or in multiples for bulk starter cultures.

Dealing with raw meats means ensuring the safety of eating the meat. That’s where molds assist. Take the guessing game out of safety by spraying sausage with a proper solution as it’s hang-drying, which will banish dangerous, pathogenic bacteria.

When you’re accustomed to buying sausage at the supermarket, it’s surprising to realize how much actually goes into producing a quality, flavorful and safe product. Between seasoning blends, casings, starter cultures, all the tools needed and more, there are a lot of decisions to make and many lessons to learn. You can rely on The Sausage Maker’s expertise and wide variety of products to help you make the best sausage at home, from the first steps to the final result.