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Spicy Southern Sausage Seasonings

Some like it hot, while others definitely do not! Whichever spice level you favor, we've got just the right sausage spice mix for taste. This category features a great variety of spicy sausage seasoning mixes, including Cajun sausage seasoning like Andouille and Boudin, Hot Pork sausage seasoning, Red Hot sausage seasoning, Jalapeno Herb sausage seasoning, Mexican Chorizo seasoning, Tex-Mex Chili seasoning and more.

We offer a couple of Georgia Special Sausage seasonings, one specific for pork sausage and one similar to the fist but with a touch of Cajun heat. Also try our Southern Sausage Dry Spice for a great tasting blend that has a light kick. This one's perfect for grilling, smoking, pan frying or broiling. Choose this Southern sausage seasoning for creating your favorite snack sticks or breakfast sausages. Another bold option you may consider is Roasted Garlic Sausage Seasoning.