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Specialty Casings

As part of our home sausage making supplies, we offer a variety of different types of sausage casings. This includes natural casings for sausage, such as our 100' and 250' reels of flat collagen casings especially good for summer sausage because of their 2-11/16” diameters. Our 100' reels will make about 125 pounds or sausage while our 250' reels make about 300 pounds.

You'll also find vegetarian meat casings, 15/16” in diameter, ideal for stuffing small-diameter imitation meat or fish sausages. Their taste is almost identical to collagen casings. Have some fun with our 14.5” sewn beer bottle casings. When they're stuffed, they look like a beer bottle. They're the perfect sausage casing for local meat and are a hit at any party! Packed three casings per bundle, each 14.5” casing will hold about one and one-half pounds of filling. Another unique option are the 18” honey combed casings, packed three pieces per bundle.