Warranty Information

WARRANTY The Sausage Maker, Inc warrants this product for 1 (one) year against manufacture’s defects in workmanship and material from the date of purchase if used and maintained in accordance with the instructions outlined in this user manual. Warranty is void if product is used for purposes outside of manufacturer’s intended and instructed usage. The Sausage Maker, Inc is not liable for lost profits or damages done to property or person due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents with this product. The Sausage Maker, Inc. will repair or replace (at its discretion) the product and return ship free of charge to the customer if it is determined that the product is in fact defective in labor or material, within the warranty period. Warranty covers only the product and its components and not the food with which the product was processed. The product must be shipped either in its original box and packaging material or in equally protected box and packaging with a clearly marked Return Authorization Number printed on the box, this number is obtained by calling Customer Care at 1-716-824-5814. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure secured packaging to prevent shipping damage, The Sausage Maker, Inc, is not liable for damages attributed to return shipping; cost of shipping damages will be invoiced to customer.

PLEASE NOTE Warranty is Void for all products leaving the US.

OUR GUARANTEE In our continuing efforts to be your #1 choice for all your top quality food processing supplies, we are offering FREE REPAIRS of all products we manufacture at The Sausage Maker, Inc. should they become damaged or have defect t that you want repaired after the product is past its warranty period. We will gladly help because even after the warranty is over, YOU ARE STILL OUR CUSTOMER. You would cover the shipping cost (both ways) and parts that need to be replaced (only if necessary). We cover all the work involved in returning your TSM product back to you in superior working order. Not all damages are repairable, to qualify for this industry-first offer, you must first call Customer Care 1-716- 824-5814 and speak with a Sausage Maker Customer Care Associate to determine eligibility.