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Snack Stick Seasonings

If your mission is to simply create the very best snack sticks possible, you'll need a supply of the best snack stick seasoning available, which you can get right here from The Sausage Maker! We offer a snack stick recipe to cater to just about every taste with a delicious snack stick seasoning that includes everything from hot or peppered to smoked barbecue or teriyaki.

You can put together snack stick seasoning kits by simply selecting a snack stick mix of your preference, deciding on the meat of your choice, and obtaining the needed casings and Insta Cure as directed by the information on the back of the seasoning package. Choose from zesty hot dried sausage stick seasoning, spicy jalapeno seasoning mix, something traditional like hot dog wiener sausage seasoning or even our organic option. Sausage sticks are irresistibly delicious whether cooked or smoked, and our mouthwatering seasonings will keep you coming back for more!