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Sauerkraut Kits & Crock Pots

Make delicious homemade sauerkraut in a crock pot using one of the sauerkraut starter kits from the Sausage Maker. Sauerkraut is a classic German dish made from fermenting cabbage. Our DIY sauerkraut kits include a ceramic sauerkraut crock, a cabbage shredder, crock stomper or weights, and a book on how to make sauerkraut. Our kits are available with 5L, 10L and 15L sauerkraut fermentation crocks from TSM Products. Select between German, Polish and Harvest Fiesta style sauerkraut crocks. TSM’s antique stone sauerkraut crocks are unlike other crock pots because they stop molds and white Kham yeast from forming on your fermented veggies. Their kraut crocks are perfect for not only making raw sauerkraut but also kimchi and other cultured or pickled vegetables, such as fermented carrots, beets, cucumber, pumpkin, beans and daikon radishes.

Raw or cultured veggies are particularly popular these days for their probiotic benefits. When you make sauerkraut and other fermented veggies at home, you don’t need to pasteurize it (i.e. heating it to kill bacteria), which means it still contains probiotics and prebiotic sources. These beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacillus, thrive in the lactic acid environment of fermented foods and help digestion while enhancing flavor as well. Be sure your kraut is unbelievably irresistible with one of our sauerkraut kits and fermenting crocks.