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Recommended Meat-Processing Books

John J. Mettler, Jr., D.M.V., has written one of the definitive how-to-butcher books that, although first published more than 30 years ago (in 1986), has stood the test of time and become an industry favorite. Few game-processing books take the mystery out of butchering as does “Basic Butchering of Livestok & Game” – ideal for anyone who hunts game, farms animals for food or buys meat in large quantities. This butcher book gives thorough treatment to killing, skinning, slaughtering and butchering all types of game, including venison, beef, veal, pork and lamb. In 208 pages of step-by-step instructions, including 130 detailed illustrations and 30 recipes, you'll learn everything you need to know. Learn how to dress out game in the field, at what age farm stock is best butchered and all about salting, smoking and preserving your meats.