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Aprons for Cooking & Cheesemaking

Our selection of protective kitchen apparel includes protection for your hands (cut-proof gloves), torso (cooking aprons) and arms (Kevlar knit sleeves). Our kitchen apron selection includes a choice of a vinyl apron, a plain cotton/polyester apron and a customized, hand-printed 50/50 cotton/poly Sausage Maker apron. This silk-screened apron makes a perfect gift for your sausage-making friends or for yourself as a sausage- or cheese-making apron.

The cut-resistant gloves are made from synthetic yarn containing three strands of stainless steel that provide a super-high cut resistance of 6,300 pounds. No seams and a protective liner add to the comfort, and being reversible, they can be worn on either hand. They come in medium and large sizes and are perfect not only for meat processing duties but also for handling glass and metal, as well as for fish, paper and pulp processing.