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Chef Aprons & Cut Resistant Gloves

Having the proper equipment is an important part of creating your best cooking results. This extends not only to pots, pans and cutlery but also safety equipment such as a pair of cut resistant butcher gloves and a butchers apron or protective kitchen apron.

Our protective apparel for butchering section features a number of different chef aprons, including our own customized, hand-printed Sausage Maker apron. Suitable for gift-giving to your favorite sausage-making enthusiasts, these aprons are 50/50 cotton/polyester and measure a generous 27"-wide by 36"-long. You'll also find generic cotton/poly aprons, vinyl aprons and a cute fishing apron sure to be a big hit with your best fisher friends. Our cut-resistant gloves come in medium and large sizes and are reversible, so they can be worn on either hand. They offer a high degree of cut protection due to the stainless steel woven into the synthetic yarn.