Wild Game Meat Bags 1lb

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Wild Game Meat Bags 1 lb have a 1.5 inch bottom gusset with an easy-open lip. Strong 2-mil thickness makes handling safer and reduces risk of punctures or tears so your product stays safe. The bag thickness also guards against freezer burn. When filled and frozen, they stack neatly in the freezer. Meat bags do not contain meat. 

 Bags seal out air and light and seal in flavor and freshness. Use with our Bag Sealer.

Wild Game Meat Bag also available in 2 lbs. size.

 Product Details:

  • Quantity: 30 bags
  • Holds approx. 1 lbs. of meat
  • Approx. 2½” in diameter when stuffed
  • Dimensions: 10 ¾” long
  • Space to write Date and Net Weight in lbs. and ozs.
  • Use with our Bag Sealer

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30 reviews for Wild Game Meat Bags 1lb

  1. Carey Pearce (verified owner)

    1lb 30 pack game bags… excellant product.. very fast shipping.. that is why I like doing business with you… thank you so much

  2. Terry Dillman (verified owner)

    the perfect storage bag for ground game and sausage in bulk.

  3. Jeffery Clopper (verified owner)

    It`s so nice to use these bags. I have different ground meats that I use and it`s nice to get in the freezer and see the different colored bags. And the meat keeps great in the bags.

  4. Sean Crowe (verified owner)

    As always I recieved a quality product. I was hopeing for a new catalog when I opened the box though.
    And I have an old enterprise grinder that I can’t seem to find parts for if anybody there could help me it would be greatly appreciated

  5. Best Wurst (verified owner)

    Label, fill, hog ring closed. Professional looking results for my bulk sausage and deer burger. Economic.

  6. Michael Cronk (verified owner)

    Everything I expected

  7. Carmen Heubel (verified owner)

    Good product

  8. bill mclaughlin (verified owner)

    we use these for Hamburger/Deer /Elk/Antelope.
    they work just fine.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. peter holand (verified owner)

    Have not had a chance to use yet.

  11. David Dahlquist (verified owner)

  12. Darren Lisee (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. James Oberholtzer (verified owner)

  15. Charles Novara (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Jalene Wenner (verified owner)

  18. Richard Bucsis (verified owner)

  19. Todd Molitor (verified owner)

    only thing we didn’t care for was the very large logo for your company on the bags. On top of the few issues with product, our order was shipped to the wrong address, came on two separate days and was a hassle.

  20. Nathan Paladino (verified owner)

    No hassle Been dealing with them along time Never had a problem People that take your order nice feel like u know them have personal touch which u don’t see any more THANK U ALL NATE

  21. Matthew Breed (verified owner)

    I use these frequently, I put them on the big tube of my stuffer so the meat is packed in nice and tight.

    Quick, easy, and economical!

  22. john Hourigan (verified owner)

  23. LLOYD KEATING (verified owner)

    Good designs on bag, and work very well for storing meat!

  24. clifford kerr (verified owner)

    great for loose sausage fill bags half way and freeze.

  25. Jay Shabloski (verified owner)

    Use them all the time for burger. Nothing better

  26. Brian Farkas (verified owner)

  27. Robert Felch (verified owner)

  28. AJ (verified owner)

  29. Jeffrey DeJardin (verified owner)

  30. Peggy Hamley (verified owner)

    Quick ship! Thank you

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    Is some one stupid enough to think meat would be included in these meat bags?
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