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Whole fennel seed are fantastic for infusing flavor in both savory and sweet dishes. They’re commonly used in pickling, marinades, and baking.

Flavor Profile
It has a warm, sweet, and aromatic flavor. a pronounced anise or licorice-like undertone. They offer a slightly nutty and earthy quality. They add a unique depth to dishes. When crushed or chewed, they release a burst of fragrant.


  • Pickling: Whole fennel seed are commonly used in pickling vegetables like cucumbers, adding a distinctive flavor.
  • Baking: You can use them in bread, biscuit, or pastry recipes to impart a mild, aromatic anise-like flavor.
  • Meat Seasoning: You can use them as a spice rub for meats, especially pork, giving them a unique and flavorful twist.
  • Stews and Soups: They are a great addition to hearty stews and soups, providing depth and aroma to the dish.
  • Marinades: You can use them in in marinades for meats or fish, infusing them with a subtle licorice-like taste

Product Details:

  • Net weight: 14 oz. (396g)
  • Whole Fennel Seed is the basic spice in making Italian sausage.

Also available: Cracked Fennel Seed,  Ground Fennel Seed,

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44 reviews for Whole Fennel Seed

  1. Craig Richardson (verified owner)

    Great product

  2. john yolton (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price. Anyone who shops for spices knows they are expensive, even at a bulk foods warehouse store. This place has them all beat.

  3. Rose Gordon (verified owner)

    This fennel seed is the best. Each jar that I have bought is filled with #1 quality fresh seeds. Even when you get to the bottom, there is no chaff. Love it

  4. Robert Bilicki (verified owner)

    How many people add fennel seed to orange peel when making Italian sausage? How much added per pound?

  5. Ronald LaPierre (verified owner)

    All items I received in my last order came in perfect condition. All items were fresh and ready for use.

  6. Zachary Harman (verified owner)

    I ordered sausage casings for the first time, great prices and shipping rates are good. Got our order in a timely manor and it was correct and well packed. Will order again soon.

  7. Ben Mendoza (verified owner)

    I have ordered numerous times in the past. This seasoning is a replacement of seasoning needed

  8. Jonathan Beck (verified owner)

    The spices were wonderful and priced nice

  9. Carol Sida (verified owner)

  10. Robert Zeglen (verified owner)


  11. D. Starr (verified owner)

    High quality fresh fennel

  12. Brooke Petty (verified owner)

  13. Maurice Rensing (verified owner)

  14. Shannon Rammes (verified owner)

  15. David Roberts (verified owner)

  16. tony lapera (verified owner)

    Fresh product, delivered on time~

  17. Dave H (verified owner)

  18. Douglas Schumacker (verified owner)

    Great flavor good produ

  19. Robert Anders (verified owner)

  20. Judy Heins (verified owner)

  21. John L. Gehringer (verified owner)

  22. Terry Prajsner (verified owner)

  23. Roderick Walker (verified owner)

  24. Toni Turr (verified owner)

  25. Paula Greco-markhofer (verified owner)

    Very good

  26. TracyJames (verified owner)

    I got tired of purchasing small jars of fennel seed at the local grocer. The fennel seeds in those small jars from Morton and Bassett were good though like fresh but expensive. I tried Amazon and purchased a 16oz bag or “organic Fennel Seed”. Good price but I do not think it was fresh or organic. I think it was old and stale. I through it out. The Sausage Maker provided excellent fresh fennel seed for a reasonable price. Will buy again!

  27. TracyJames (verified owner)

    Product comes in a container that matches spices from other vendors. Product seems fresh.
    Great spice on pork cuts for the grill, but mostly as a natural supplement.

  28. tracyjames (verified owner)

    What I needed, the seed seams fresh. Two containers work best as one is sealed until it is used. better that a one bag. will purchase from the Sausage Maker again. Top notch.

  29. Pat Petro (verified owner)

  30. Pat Harrison (verified owner)

  31. Robert Cudney (verified owner)

  32. Carmela Ferraro (verified owner)


  33. Gunther VanHorssen (verified owner)

    The seeds are fresh. I’m confident in purchasing spices from The sausage maker.

  34. Johnnie Jones (verified owner)

  35. Terry Dillman (verified owner)

  36. TracyJames (verified owner)

    Good quality. Have purchased fennel seed many times and never had a problem.
    Buy with confidence.

  37. Joseph Capobianco (verified owner)

    I recently ordered and received seven spices from Sausage Maker… to be blunt, they are f****** awesome! Fantastic flavors, completely exceeded my expectations at their price..

    Highly recommended for anyone who uses these spices regularly!!!!

  38. robert zunk (verified owner)

  39. Jeff Stumpf (verified owner)

  40. JAMES BROOKS (verified owner)

    Service and products from the sausage maker are always great

  41. Christopher Smalt (verified owner)

  42. Andrew Ricci (verified owner)

  43. Joe deFazio (verified owner)

  44. kenn roth (verified owner)

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