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Whole black pepper offers a robust, pungent flavor with a sharp, spicy kick. Its taste is earthy and slightly woody, delivering a potent burst of heat and aroma when freshly ground.

Flavor Profile
Whole black pepper presents a bold, pungent flavor characterized by its intense spiciness and sharp heat. Its taste is deeply earthy, with subtle woody undertones, providing a potent and aromatic element to dishes when ground just before use.

Whole Black Pepper is a fundamental spice that is widely used in various culinary applications. It is often ground and used as a seasoning to add depth and heat to dishes. Additionally, whole black peppercorns can be used in pickling, brining, and in the preparation of certain spice blends. They are also a crucial ingredient in marinades, rubs, and are commonly used in the preparation of stocks and soups.

Product Details:

  • Net weight: 16 oz. (454g)

Also available: Cracked Black Pepper

Recommended Equipment: Cuisinart SG-10 Spice & Nut Grinder Spice Mill Grinder.

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42 reviews for Whole Black Pepper

  1. JOEL ENGEL (verified owner)


  2. Marjorie Troidl (verified owner)

    I needed a large amount of whole Black pepper and was not disappointed. I can always count on the SausageMaker!

  3. Craig Richardson (verified owner)

    Great product

  4. Joe T. (verified owner)

    Used it . worked out well.

  5. Steve Mazzone (verified owner)

    Good Value

  6. joseph campisi (verified owner)

    Have not used yet. It looks like a good buy

  7. Phylis Simmons (verified owner)

    Great ,fresh and amazing price.

  8. Larry L Wolfe (verified owner)


  9. Matthew Hourihan (verified owner)

    I process deer and every year i get bigger and bigger with the help of your products. Everyone loves my sausage thanks to sausage maker.

  10. Jonathan Beck (verified owner)

    The spices were wonderful and priced nice

  11. Brooke Petty (verified owner)

  12. Richard Bressler (verified owner)

  13. Charles Manning (verified owner)

  14. dolores cheney (verified owner)

  15. Brad Brown (verified owner)

    Great value

  16. JOHN STOKLOSA (verified owner)

  17. Roger Koch (verified owner)

  18. tim toth (verified owner)

  19. Udo Holdorf (verified owner)

  20. Brad Brudevold (verified owner)

  21. charles keltz (verified owner)

    Great product

  22. James Przybylski (verified owner)

  23. Maryann Langlie (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality!

  24. Doug Dubose (verified owner)

  25. Dale Sauget (verified owner)

  26. Donald Ferguson (verified owner)

  27. jeffrey klippenes (verified owner)


  28. leo datskiy (verified owner)

  29. Joe Motyka (verified owner)

  30. Boris Gurevich (verified owner)

  31. Richard Specking (verified owner)

  32. richard gheller (verified owner)

    the shipping costs more than the product !!!

  33. Margaret Guzewich (verified owner)

  34. Dane Kujat (verified owner)

    the whole black peppercorns work very nicely in my coffee grinder and the fresh ground pepper is very tasty

  35. shawn heller (verified owner)

  36. horst schach (verified owner)

  37. Joseph Leicht (verified owner)

    Good product-good service

  38. kingoftheforest (verified owner)

    I use lots of pepper and freshly ground is the way to go. These pepper balls are very fragrant and contain that flavorful pepper bite we all love.

  39. Robert Solimeno (verified owner)

    I have used both these whole peppercorns and ground them to a fine powder with an amazing aroma. I will definitely order more spices from sausage maker.com!

  40. Jim (verified owner)

  41. Joseph McKenna (verified owner)

    The product was a good price and it came very quickly. I cannot ask for more.

  42. Phylis Simmons (verified owner)

    Super fresh pepper. It works great in our grinder.

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