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Dive into the world of homemade vegetarian sausages with our premium vegetarian casings. Designed for enthusiasts looking to craft their veggie, fruit, or even fish sausages. These casings are made from a blend of water, vegetable glycerin, and starches/sugars. The casings are a little bit more prone to tearing than our fresh collagen casings, so please use lower temperatures when cooking, no direct heat.

Cooking Recommendations:
STOVE-TOP: Use just a little bit of oil on low-med to medium heat, turning links frequently.
BAKE/AIR-FRY: Do not set temperature over 350F, check after 10 minutes.
MICROWAVE: Set power level to medium if possible, cook in 15 second increments.
SMOKER: Whether hung on dowels or on shelves, cook at our below 200F.
**Casings can melt if heat is too high, too fast. Always best to try a small piece before cooking the rest.

Casings are made from 100% plant-based materials: Vegetable Glycerin, Starch, Sugar and Water.

Each casing is 12M or 40ft in length.

NON-GMO (except size 32mm)

Diameter Conversions:
17MM = 0.67″
20mm = 0.79″
23mm = 0.9″
26mm = 1.0″
32mm = 1.26″

 Vegetarian Casings Variety Pack includes : One each of 23mm, 26mm, and 32mm casings plus a How-To-Use instruction card.

    Note: The capacity or total weight of the stuffed product will vary based on the filling used. Each type of casing is extremely delicate and requires careful Handling to ensure they remain intact and usable for your delicious vegetarian sausage creations.

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    Vegetarian Casings 20mm, Vegetarian Casings 23mm, Vegetarian Casings 32 mm, Vegetarian Casings 26mm, 3-Pack 23mm Vegetarian Casings, 3-Pack 26mm Vegetarian Casings, 3-Pack 32 mm Vegetarian Casings, 3-Pack Vegetarian Casing Variety


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