Vacuum Bags 8″ x 12″, (Quart) Box of 100

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Your home vacuum sealer is nothing without the perfect vacuum seal bags. These full nylon mesh vacuum bags are the key to vacuum sealing. Utilizing our Commercial Grade 3-ply Vacuum Sealer Bags with most home vacuum sealers (non-chamber models), you ensure that moisture and air are locked away from your fruits, vegetables and food items to drastically extend their shelf life. Not only will you be able to eliminate freezer burn and reduce food spoilage, but you can also microwave and boil your food items right in their vacuum seal bags! They’re also a perfect way to protect your valuable possessions from tarnishing and water damage. Both reusable and dishwasher safe, these bags are an economical way to maximize the use of your vacuum sealer.

  • 100 Bags per Box
  • Use the Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer Bags with non-chamber vacuum sealers

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27 reviews for Vacuum Bags 8″ x 12″, (Quart) Box of 100

  1. Brad Bentley (verified owner)

    We use these bags to vacuum seal venison so they last longer in the freezer. Never had any issues with them. Saves me time not having to cut and seal bags from a roll.

  2. Robert D Beckett (verified owner)

    I received the item I ordered as advertised and when promised. Thanks

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Very easy to put links or bulk sausage into.

  4. Grant Van Buren (verified owner)

    great price, excellent service,great bags

  5. LINDA mason (verified owner)

    Very nice product.

  6. Greg Racca (verified owner)

    Love the big box with ends sealed and ready. Perfect for my sausage link storage. Good quality.

  7. Happy in upstate NY (verified owner)

    Perfect size for venison steaks. Great value.

  8. Kathy Schulz (verified owner)

    We love to buy in bulk and freeze. These bags are also great because we love to cook via sous vide. I season before sealing and freezing, then just pop into the sous vide.

    Packaging was a little too much for what I ordered.

  9. Bruce Grange (verified owner)

    Perfect for 6″-8″ link/grill sausage. 100 bags no leaks.

  10. robert uri (verified owner)

    This is great product, when you have it in stock.

  11. tom harpwood (verified owner)

    I’m very happy for the excellent service I received from your staff.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    quality product. bags work out very well.

  13. James M O’Driscoll Jr (verified owner)

  14. Elizabeth dixson (verified owner)

  15. Ronald Tesoro (verified owner)

    Vac bags are a necessity if you need to package up smoked or cured meats for freezer storage or gifts to friends. The 8X12 size are very versatile and allow for resealing of unused portions. These are also perfect for frozen “boil in bag” meals like salmon portions and previously prepared vegetables and pastas.

  16. Frank Krzywicki (verified owner)

  17. David Freier (verified owner)

    Vacuum Bags 8″ x 12″, Box of 100
    I love these vacuum seal bags!
    Quality vinyl material that always seal!
    Great for those smaller meals.

  18. Ryan Saucier (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these bags for links of fresh sausage and they’re ideal. I haven’t noticed any issues of the bags losing their seal in the freezer

  19. RICHARD Straub (verified owner)

  20. Dane Kujat (verified owner)

    Good product will purchase again little expensive but good time saver. Occasional side not sealed.

  21. Donald Stratton (verified owner)

  22. Frank Snyder (verified owner)

    As always your bags are the tops. That is why I keep ordering them.

  23. James Meischen (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and excellent quality. We sealed 88 links with no problems.

  24. Ronald Krausman (verified owner)

  25. Stephen prendes (verified owner)

    Best bags I can find

  26. Stephen Streng (verified owner)

    These bags are perfect for my needs. Right size and right price.

  27. Howard Bernstein (verified owner)

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