Vacuum Bag Rolls 11″ x 50′, 1-ROLL

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Universal Vacuum Bags can be used in most leading brand vacuum sealers.

  • Vacuum sealing extends food storage time locking in freshness, flavor and nutritional value
  • Heavy-duty bags with air-removal channels for maximum freshness
  • Simmer or microwave food right in the bag*
  • Marinates foods in minutes
  • Made from FDA listed food safe materials
  • Great for food and non-food uses like preserving collectibles, valuable documents, silver or electronic items!
  • BPA free, non-toxic plastic!
  • Comes with ONE 11″ x 50′ roll

*A small puncture in the Vacuum Bag is required before warming cooked foods or defrosting foods in the microwave. When simmering food in a Vacuum Bag, closely monitor that the pot has plenty of water and the Vacuum Bag is not in direct contact with the bottom of the pot. Follow food safety guidelines.
Do not re-use Vacuum Bags after storing raw meats, greasy foods or fish. Do not re-use Vacuum Bags after microwaving or steaming. Do not use the Vacuum Bags in the oven or broiler.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

25 reviews for Vacuum Bag Rolls 11″ x 50′, 1-ROLL

  1. James Cameron (verified owner)

    These bags do the job.

  2. Rick Gifford (verified owner)

    Have ordered before, worked great. That’s why I ordered again

  3. Donald Johnson (verified owner)

    The vacuum bags are the best value that I have found. Value as well as quality!

  4. Linda Potter (verified owner)

    I like the rolls for odd shaped things like breads or cookie dough to freeze for later. You’ll be amazed at what fits into the rolls. I like to make sure to write what’s in them before I fill them. When traveling, I like to make trail mix for everyone and put it in a zip bag first then freeze it. When they open it, they can re-close it and it’s so fresh. Try using it to store collectables too!

  5. alan penfield (verified owner)

    Worked great

  6. Ted (verified owner)

    We have used these for a few years and never been disappointed. The work great in our sealer. They are much cheaper than the name brand ones and if you spend enough the shipping is free.

  7. Ron Cetnar (verified owner)

    Heavy duty and great price.

  8. Scott Jones (verified owner)

    This was really a good deal, I have been making and vacuum packing and freezing a lot of sausage lately, so these rolls really come in handy at the moment.

  9. Oklahoma sausage maker (verified owner)

    The quality of frozen products begins here. The bags are strong and keen meat from freezer burning well!!

  10. Peggy (verified owner)

    These seem very heavy and durable. Better than the ones I purchased from Walmart, and cheaper. Can’t wait to try them.

  11. Wesley Branham (verified owner)

    Bags are of excellent quality.

  12. Tom B (verified owner)

    product as advertised

  13. Charles Bootman (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. J Christopher Heil (verified owner)

    Nice and strong, the roll is the more economical for those who vacuum seal their meats and foods often.

  16. James Burns (verified owner)

    These rolls evacuate and seal better than any other such product I have tried. I am using the FoodSaver V3825 machine for the last 5 or so years, and a FoodSaver V840 for 5 or so years before that. I have tried double layer rolls, pre-formed bags and FoodSaver brand products and this beat them all. When saving a pound of stew meat, I do not get an air pocket trapped at the end furthest from the vacuum source, like I did with other brands. A little massage of the meat while vacuuming helps, but I credit the “air-removal channels” built into the product for this good performance. These also do best at saving my chili left overs. I freeze the chili in Ziploc reusable plastic bowls, then remove the chili from the bowl and vac seal that. The bags form well around the bowl shape. Of course, they also do well at sealing around the sausage I make. Loss of seal / loss of vacuum was common with other brands, not with this brand. Hope you experience the good results I have.

  17. Tom Rubino (verified owner)

    Recommended for larger items and seals well.

  18. Harry Ehrhardt (verified owner)

  19. Dane Kujat (verified owner)

    Cheaper quality and higher price. Hopefully they hold up like the older bags.

  20. Stephen Streng (verified owner)

    These rolls work well for my needs. I can custom cut the correct length to whatever size I need.

  21. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product works very well in my vacuum sealer. The long roll makes it easy to find the best size bag for the job.

  22. Richard Curtis (verified owner)

  23. Bernie (verified owner)

    Although the VacSealer was damaged in shipment the “bags” shipped OK and I will keep them.

  24. Russell Martin (verified owner)

    great price

  25. Meat Made Simple (verified owner)

    LOVE these.

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