Uncle Abe’s Jerky Seasoning

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Uncle Abe’s Jerky Seasoning, 1 lbs. is the original jerky seasoning sold by The Sausage Maker for over 30 years. Use with beef, venison or other wild game meat.

Uncle Abe’s Jerky Seasoning is also available in a 5 lb size. 

Product Details:

  • Net weight:  1 lbs.
  • Yield: Makes 32 lbs. of jerky
  • Easy to use seasoning
  • No special equipment needed
  • Insta-Cure #1 included (2 oz. per kit)

Helpful Tips: Cutting the Meat Against the Grain vs With the Grain
When cutting your meat, here are some tips if you want a tender bite or a chewy bite:

  • Against the grain will give you a more tender bite, easy to chew.
  • With the grain will give you a more chewy bite.

Additional Jerky Recipes
Pepper Crusted Pineapple Jerky from 2 Guys & A Cooler.

Ingredients: Hydrolized corn syrup & wheat gluten protein, salt, onion powder spice, with no more than 2% soybean oil aded as a processing aid.

Allergens: Soy  

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Weight 1 lbs

71 reviews for Uncle Abe’s Jerky Seasoning

  1. Luther Lonidier (verified owner)

    Jerky seasoning good

  2. Eliazar Tatar (verified owner)

    This was my first venture into making jerky and I couldn’t be more pleased with the flavor and outcome! Can’t wait to try the rest of the flavors!

  3. john h steele (verified owner)

    Used this product several times and have been happy every time

  4. TIMOTHY GOEMAN (verified owner)

    I have tried lots of recipes, and Uncle Abe’s is by far the best. Making jerky is a lot of work and takes valuable time. Make your efforts pay off with superb results by using Uncle Abe’s. You’ll be glad you did.

  5. Jason Williams (verified owner)

    good flavor but not the the favorite of the others

  6. Gary M Trent (verified owner)

    Just the right amount of seasoning. Received a number of compliments and inquires about my secret recipe.

  7. Carmen Heubel (verified owner)

    Good product

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was looking for a good teriyaki seasoning tried many this is the best. Fallowed the directions and mixed it in 5 lb. batches The only thing I added was 1 Tbl. spoon of liquid smoke to each 5 lbs. 5 hrs. in the dehydrator turned out perfect.

  9. Angela Pete (verified owner)

    I like to chew and work the flavor out for awhile. It is very tasty. Will buy more in the future.

  10. Joe Romero (verified owner)

    Everything I’ve ordered,has been excellent. Definitely order again.

  11. Todd (verified owner)

    Always a favorite

  12. Ann Winberg (verified owner)

    We love the Uncle Ab’s seasoning. It is hard to find in our area so we really appreciate being able to get it. The Sausage Maker ships quick every time.

  13. Frank Ventura (verified owner)

    Great taste

  14. Jerky king (verified owner)

    I love the flavor as does my family as well! Out of all I have tried i recommend Uncle abe’s for amazing jerky!

  15. James Przybylek (verified owner)

  16. yvonne robinson (verified owner)

  17. Michael Burckhard (verified owner)

  18. elvira lands (verified owner)

    the first one I bought ,not used it yet

  19. Henry Tonning (verified owner)

    Very good casings!!! Pre-tied save a lot of time.

  20. mike b (verified owner)

    Good spice dose not cover up good meat flavor

  21. mike reynolds (verified owner)

  22. Brooke Petty (verified owner)

  23. PHIL BREIGHNER (verified owner)

    Great jerky seasoning.

  24. Lorraine Reinhardt (verified owner)

    Absolutely Awesome!

  25. Nate Cordle (verified owner)

  26. Brad Miller (verified owner)

  27. Dave H (verified owner)

  28. Mike Bushnell (verified owner)

    Very disappointed in your shipping, when I put it in my basket it said qualifies for “FREE SHIPPING” then why did I have to pay for shipping?

  29. George Kristoff (verified owner)

  30. Kenneth Burke (verified owner)

  31. william margeson (verified owner)

    This is a well balanced blend for venison jerky. I and more than the original recipe. Great taste.

  32. Dennis Miller (verified owner)

    Been using this seasoning for quite a few years. Used it with a jerky canon and also with beef brisket. I like it a lot.

  33. JEFFREY KLOPFENSTEIN (verified owner)

  34. William Nixon (verified owner)

    This seasoning works well, I enjoy the convenience of the blend and the “non HOT” folks prefer this over the HOT style.

  35. Dale Larsen (verified owner)

  36. David Hoffmann (verified owner)

    just made a batch of this Jerky and it is outstanding. Very flavorful without the burn

  37. Frank Krzywicki (verified owner)

  38. Joe Anus (verified owner)

    Everything I amangened home made jerky could taste like.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I first tried this in the 5oz size in the assortment pack and had to have more. tried all the flavors in the box and this was My favorite flavor of all of them.

  40. Richard Martin (verified owner)

    This mix is the best in any jerky class, you can add different flavoring with it or just as is !!! It’s the Best !!!

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great original flavor. It may smell weird in powder form but it seasons the meat well and gives a nice flat salted flavor. Just don’t add to much water to your seasoning mix, otherwise it will lose it’s saltiness. Some of my clients prefer this over other, more complex, flavors.

    I personally add some fresh ground black pepper to give the jerky a bit more body.

  42. richard wick (verified owner)

  43. Jp (verified owner)

    Great original jerky flavor.

  44. Rod BEITELSPACHER (verified owner)

  45. Rick Wilson (verified owner)

    Always delicious……everyone loves this mix….

  46. Tim Berg (verified owner)

  47. Www.deesbeesapiary.com (verified owner)

    Ive used The Sausage Maker several times and have always been more than happy with their products and service. This experience was no different. Great product, easy to use website and timely delivery. I opted for the upcharge for 2day shipping and the product arrived midday on the 2nd day. Would highly recommend and will def be buying from them again.

  48. Gerald Shaul (verified owner)

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product & fast shipping!

  50. clifford kerr (verified owner)

    I use this with ground venison and a jerky gun. put it in a dehydrator and it is a great jerky.

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5 star for sure everyone likes it so much.

  52. RUSSELL SCHROEDER (verified owner)

    Use as a base for other flavors, quality product.

  53. Eric Gremli (verified owner)

  54. Paul K Daniels (verified owner)

    it was very good .will order again

  55. edward Cornelis (verified owner)

    great taste fast shipping

  56. Lathan Godfrey (verified owner)

    Awesome service! Great Products! Been Using for years, Highly Recommended!

  57. Robin Dawe (verified owner)

    Made 3 pounds of beef jerky with a portion of this mix. Taste good.

  58. James Brown (verified owner)

    Got this thinking I’ll give it a shot. I did a 5 on batch of venison and split it dehydrator and smoker. Both came out very tasty. Not sure how to explain the flavor which is why I was curious in the first place but it’s good jerky. Give it a shot. The

  59. Gregg Romano (verified owner)

  60. AJ (verified owner)

  61. buford saxhaug (verified owner)

    tried this seasoning for the first time, everybody likes it

  62. Nick (verified owner)

    I had to double the amount of seasoning before I could taste anything. Once I did that, it had a good flavor. Nothing to brag about.

  63. Jeannie Dickman (verified owner)

    We have used these seasonings in the past and have found them to be the best. I have recommended your company to many friends who have also really liked your product. This year our son wanted to start making his own jerky so naturally we gave him the best.

  64. William Goffredo (verified owner)

  65. George Yashenko (verified owner)

    I love this product.