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Soehnle Digital kitchen scale Page Profi is a high capacity scale that measures ingredients to the nearest gram. Perfect for sausage making or baking. The Page Profi digital kitchen scale takes on heavyweights with a 33 lb. /15 kg weight capacity and measures accurately to within 1 g/0.05 oz., all with patented soft-touch controls. Super slender profile with an extra-large weighing platform.

The all-purpose handles lightweights and heavyweights. The flat kitchen scale with the large weighing platform can handle up to 33 lb. / 15 kg and still is precise to one gram. The innovative HOLD function freezes the display for 10 seconds. So you can weigh even large objects that hide the display.

The smooth glass surface with anthracite gray enamel is elegant and very easy to clean. With the patented Sensor Touch technology pleasant to operate: a slight touch is all that’s needed. Equipped with add-weight function and auto-off function. 

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 0.7″ x 8.87″ x 10.35″; can weigh items up to 33 pounds in 01-ounce increments
  • Precision digital food scale with extra large weighing area for weighing larger, heavier things–like packages
  • Audible beep indicates when finished weighing, so you can still weigh things larger than the scale
  • Slim 5/8-inch profile with sturdy construction and small footprint
  • g/oz. conversion: measures both standard and metric for versatile cooking, sausage and baking options
  • Tare function zero-ing capacity for cumulative measuring
  • Energy-saving automatic On/Off function
  • German designed and engineered for superior quality and function
  • Battery included: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery not installed
  • Manufacturer’s 5 year limited warranty
  • ABS; glass; silicone
  • Imported

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7.87 × 0.7 × 10.35 in

16 reviews for Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale

  1. Klaus Kutter (verified owner)

    Mercedes of the scales we love it.

  2. David Skipper (verified owner)

    I find myself using them for every thing,especially making sausage.

  3. J Eller (verified owner)

    Have not used it yet.

  4. Tony Checco (verified owner)

    Easy, versatile, accurate. What more is needed?

  5. Tony Checco (verified owner)

    Simple, easy, accurate (checked it with a 100g calibration weight), the hold function is perfect for large objects. Loved it so much bought one for my daughter in grad school.

  6. Richard (verified owner)

    Easy to read and change measurement formats. The 33lb weight capacity makes it idea for kitchen and BBQ needs.

  7. Carol Sida (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast and accurate scale. Must have for serious sausage making repeat-ability.

  9. Andrew Galli (verified owner)

    Great item, needed a scale that could weigh more than 5 kilos.

  10. Jeff (verified owner)

    I bought this recently to use for weighing meats for bacon and sausage making. It worked out very well for the amounts I’ll be working with.

  11. Jeff weaver (verified owner)

  12. Thomas Leavitt (verified owner)

    Soehnle Is a good brand, I have a smaller digital scale from them. My only complaint is that I cannot figure out how to get the scale to display ounces only. Once you weigh more than 16 ounces, it displays pounds and ounces. I need to weigh by total ounces, not pounds and ounces. I tried to see how to change the settings on the website, navigation is impossible to find out how to change the settings.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It is big and just what was needed for weighing larger amounts. Works just as well for gms. Easy to read and holds wt.

  14. Keith Swider (verified owner)

  15. Andre Bonneau Bonneau (verified owner)

    Low profile. Very accurate and consistent at a decent price.

  16. Richard Witschel (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried them yet but they look like good Quality

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Does this scale work when cold I have problems with my existing scale when it's cold
  1. 0 votes
    Q Does this scale work when cold I have problems with my existing scale when it's cold answer now

    This scale works well in the cold, just don't store it in the cooler. Battery operated equipment do not like cold temperatures for extended periods of time

  2. can I use this scale to weigh out patties as small as 4 oz ?
  3. 0 votes
    Q can I use this scale to weigh out patties as small as 4 oz ? answer now

    Hi Lew,

    Yes this scale goes down to 0.05 of an ounce! So you can weigh out 4oz no problem. You can weigh out grams, ounces or up to 33lb's on this scale.