Smokehouse Cleaner and Degreaser

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Smokehouse Cleaner and Degreaser removes grease and grime on meat smokehouses. Our smoker cleaner and degreaser is specially made for loosening and helping eliminate tough caked-on grease.

Smokehouse Cleaner and Degreaser is ideal for cleaning  smokehouses, BBQ grills, and kitchen ovens. Industrial strength cleaner degreaser.

Product Details:

  • 32 fluid oz (946ml)
  • Spray nozzle included
  • Industrial strength cleaner degreaser

Directions for Cleaning Smokehouse:

  1. Pre-heat smoker to approx. 100F and disconnect power source.
  2. Apply cleaner with spray applicator. Caution do not spray on heating element
  3. Let stand for 2 minutes. Brush with non-abrasive brush or paper towel
  4. Rinse with water and wipe dry before connecting power source
  5. Raise smoker to maximum temperature for 5 minutes
  6. Let smoker cool down with door open. Air out overnight

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34 reviews for Smokehouse Cleaner and Degreaser

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product. Works well cleaning my Bradley Smoker

  2. Steve Taylor (verified owner)

    This cleaner takes all (or most) of the work out of cleaning smoker racks and v-trays. Just spray it on and watch the gunk run down the sides, then wipe down and
    It has a powerful odor, best to have good ventilation when using.

  3. Brian (verified owner)

    Great product. Wish I could buy in larger quanity. Actuall took stains out of my concrete driveway. Wish I could bug by gallon!

  4. Thomas Demo (verified owner)

    Is the best cleaner I’ve used to clean my smokehouse!

  5. Alpha Pitbull (verified owner)

    Works as expected. Much better than a supermarket cleaner. I will spray a part of the smoker and let it sit for a few minutes, and layers of the residue come off with a paper towel, no scrubbing. Need to repeat in places and corners, etc. two or three times with some scrubbing to get things clean. The inside of smoker looks almost new after a thorough cleaning with this product. I like to try to keep the smoker as clean as possible to extend its life, and I don’t like storing a smelly smoker in the garage. In my opinion the extra cost is worth this product’s effectiveness.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Spray on. Wipe off. Done

  7. David Skipper (verified owner)

    Sure cleans nice.

  8. Tim Bell (verified owner)

    Did a great job on a very neglected smoker

  9. Michael Malinsky (verified owner)

    This product works great at getting the grease and baked on smoke residue off the inside of my smoker. Would highly recommend for maintenance.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Will try.soon

  11. hunterforlife (verified owner)

    Every order I have placed was shipped promptly, arrived in good condition & quality for price is excellent.

    Used on electric smoker & cleanup time shortened by ~ 50%.

  12. roger evans (verified owner)

  13. Eleanor Ostlund (verified owner)

  14. JOHN ENGLISH (verified owner)

  15. Larry L Wolfe (verified owner)

    This is the best cleaner I have found. Cleans my grills
    like they are new.

  16. richard rollins (verified owner)

  17. MEZ (verified owner)

    Just spray it on and the smokey residue disappears. Makes cleaning a breeze

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Jacek Halski (verified owner)

    Good product.

  20. CHARLES HOWLAND (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried this yet. Looks good.

  21. Bill Bayman (verified owner)

  22. Paul Fleming (verified owner)

    unknown at this time

  23. Wesley (verified owner)

    Have bought several bottles of this cleaner and can honestly say that it is the best cleaner I have ever used. Will clean a smoker or grill out with just a damp sponge after spraying with this cleaner. If I could I would give a rating of above excelent.

  24. foodie (verified owner)

    Degreaser also works well on kitchen ovens after spill-overs or smoke-ups.

  25. Chad Thompson (verified owner)

    Stay away. Go to Waltons better products and 10 x the service!

  26. William Bayman (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Brad Saver (verified owner)

    This degreaser works very well. Makes cleanup of your smoker a breeze!

  29. Brent Blonshine (verified owner)

  30. Michael Long (verified owner)

    Great product just as advertised

  31. Richard Joy (verified owner)

    Have used the cleaner for years and it works. Will continue to use. There was no sprayer with the package.

  32. Michael Richards (verified owner)

    This is the best cleaner for a smoker I have found, better than any over the counter cleaners, including oven cleaners. Spray it on and watch the smoke and grease residue just roll off, very little scrubbing. Changed a 3 hour job to about an hour. I highly recommend this product

  33. Stephen Streng (verified owner)

    This product works very well!

  34. Walter Knight (verified owner)

    Great product! Need to rinse per instructions on bottle. First time I used it I just wiped off. Then I read the instructions. Second time my 30# smoker was nasty from cooking spare ribs. Sprayed down the inside of the smoker, went over it with a sponge to get in the corners, scraped off tough spots, rinsed with garden hose. Came out looking like new! Wow. Took 30 minutes tops. This stuff is great.

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