Smoked Collagen Casings 26mm

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Our Smoked Collagen Casings 26mm are the ideal size for making hot dogs or slim caliber sausages. These casings are popular for smoked sausages because they can withstand the smoking process without bursting. The smoking imparts flavor to the casing and the sausage itself.

These casings are pleated into strands that can be unfurled and placed on  1/2″ stuffing tube.

Fresh collagen casings are thin and tender and virtually adhere to the meat after they are stuffed. Made from the hide of cattle, edible. Keep refrigerated.

Smoked Collagen Casings 26mm Product Details:

  • Edible
  • Ideal for hot dogs or slim caliber sausages
  • Size: 26mm (1″)
  • Total length of casings: 98 feet
  • 4 half strands per package
  • Use with  1/2″ stuffing tube
  • Stuffing capacity per package: 28 lbs.*
  • Approximately 1″ when stuffed*
  • Strand collagen casings should never be wetted or soaked
  • Keep refrigerated

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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43 reviews for Smoked Collagen Casings 26mm

  1. Gordon Mundt (verified owner)

    stuffed a 25# batch and had no broken casings. Excellent product and good service from Sausage Makers.

  2. Jana lee Dick (verified owner)

    have not used them yet, but the 19mm ones worked great

  3. Larry Hendler (verified owner)

    I have no problem with the product. I am a little disappointed in the shipping speed. So many online stores today take your order and ship the same day. This store seemed to need a week to ship. This is a big store, they should be able to do much better than that.
    Very disappointing performance

  4. Richard Marquis (verified owner)

    It took a little bit of time and practice to stuff this casing. Once I got the feel, I was able to turn out sausages a a pretty good speed. Couldn’t keep them twisted, so I tied them with butcher twine.

  5. C.K. (verified owner)

    The casing works wonderfully, just expect shipping to take 5-7 days.

  6. Stanley Puterbaugh (verified owner)

    great for wieners

  7. Gordon Mundt (verified owner)

    have used these for several years with no problems

  8. John Steele (verified owner)

    No problem with casings

  9. elvira lands (verified owner)

    love it for my hotdogs

  10. Jerry Harrison (verified owner)

    Have not used these yet but I have used these before and they worked well

  11. Stan Puterbaugh (verified owner)

    Great for wieners and very sturdy 5 star

  12. Robert Starkey (verified owner)

    Prompt service, inexpensive shipping, and great product for hot dogs

  13. David Ross (verified owner)

    I mage Jaegerwurst with these and they were grate. I gave some to a buddy and now you have a new customer.

  14. ronald sersen (verified owner)

    easy to work with I would like to see a red color in a little bigger size .

  15. Marc Tieben (verified owner)

    These casings are always Fresh , great product

  16. Arne Wilppone (verified owner)

  17. Christina Tran (verified owner)

    Order arrived quickly and as described. Easy to use although the smoke flavor is not as noticeable.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Casings were exactly as advertised. Made about 10 lbs of snack sticks with them, no blow outs while stuffing.

  19. Jim Shuler (verified owner)

    Been making brats now for little over a year.
    Tired of blowouts when stuffing with pig casings we switched to collagen casings. Well that led to issues with casing breaking while cooking.
    Finally found the answer …..clear smoked casings from The Sausage Maker.

  20. Milton Roberts (verified owner)

  21. Joe (verified owner)

    Casing is excellent and easy to use. Service was tremendous. Thanks!

  22. Richard Healy (verified owner)

    great product fast shipping as usual

  23. TIEN PHAM (verified owner)

    The casing was amazing and high quality for a decent price along with the service being spectacular as well. I will definitely become a regular customer, everything was professional and the best quality.


  25. Terry (verified owner)

    These casings worked great. They slid on my stuffing tube just barely, whereas the slightly smaller casings had to be stretched out beforehand. Nice to be able to skip that step. I keep over-filling, which makes link forming harder than it needs to be . Only had one blowout in 30 lbs, though. 28 lbs per package is pretty spot on. I probably got 29, but again over stuffed them. These casings won’t retain a twist. Best to learn a linking method that locks in the link length (just search on youtube). Worst thing about this type of casing is that they don’t stay formed to the tapered ends of the dogs. Kids peel them off entirely, but I’d rather bite through them. The dogs just aren’t as appealing when the casing peels away, on the ends, though. Nature of the beast, though. I can’t justify the significant extra cost for sheep casings, so will stick with these for the price and simplicity.

  26. paul ubaldini (verified owner)

    they stuffed very well, no blow outs

  27. Timothy Jones (verified owner)

    Will try soon.

  28. eric (verified owner)

    Pretty strong collagen casings; best I’ve used so far. Still can burst or break if you are not careful.
    Has a great snap when done right!

  29. Mark Klein (verified owner)

  30. Conrad Lehr (verified owner)

    Have not used them yet

  31. Grandpa Pig (verified owner)

    Worked great for big meat sticks. We slice them in half lengthwise and soak them in hot pickling juice

  32. Billy Kaul (verified owner)

  33. Bradley Law (verified owner)

    works great and very happy

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    well wrapped…look good…my pets should fit nicely come fall…

  35. Daniel Ray (verified owner)

    Easy to shop online with good prices and cheap shipping. Will use again.

  36. Michael Gerhold (verified owner)

    top of the line casing I have used them previously and had no problems.

  37. Larry Owens (verified owner)

    Your product is great ,but 17 days to ship is a joke!

  38. Michelle Smith (verified owner)

    did some breakfast sausage. It turned out great.

  39. Jeffery guerin (verified owner)

  40. Brian Peterson (verified owner)

    super fast and convenient

  41. Marvin Gisler (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, good communication, and correct item received. I am a repeat customer and will continue.

  42. ronald sersen (verified owner)

    99% very good with products & service once in a while a little opps but staff always made it right .
    So I have been buying from you a long time & plan to keep buying from you . If I had a problem making sausage , staff always had the answer & how to correct the issue
    did notice that the Hickory chips last time were not chips but
    more like shavings

  43. Jason Frank (verified owner)

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Are these already smoked?
  1. 1 vote
    Q Are these already smoked? answer now

    No, these casings are not smoked but are intended for use in smokers because the walls of the casings are slightly thicker than the fresh collagen in order to support the hanging weight of sausages.