Savory Bacon Burger Patty Mix

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Savory Bacon Burger Patty Mix is ideal for mixing into any ground meat to give it a bacon-flavor. Ideal for ground beef, ground turkey, meat loaf and meatballs.

  • Net weight: 1 lb.
  • Yield: Makes 20 lbs.

Allergens: Soybean oil used as a mixing aid.  

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Weight 1 lbs

26 reviews for Savory Bacon Burger Patty Mix

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Made first batch. Turned out nice. Next batch I will add a bit more flavoring to get more bacon flavor.

  2. lonnie gorton (verified owner)

    love this seasoning

  3. Melvis Nimmons (verified owner)

    haven’t used it yet, but I know it will be good.

  4. Jesse Brookens (verified owner)

  5. Roy Czaplewski (verified owner)

    I add Savory Bacon Burger Patty Mix to my elk burger mix (ground elk, eggs, onions, bread crumbs), no other spices are needed. My wife loves it.

  6. David Goodemote (verified owner)

    really good!

  7. Larry L Wolfe (verified owner)

  8. Lawrence Doyle (verified owner)

  9. Loran Chapman (verified owner)

  10. Steven C (verified owner)

    Everything is better with bacon and this seasoning is the greatest! I should have bought more the first time, but I will be placing another order soon. Highly recommend!

  11. Constance Rae Nielsen (verified owner)

  12. Barbara Kollasch (verified owner)

    Really fast service—love the bacon one

  13. William Gilbert (verified owner)

  14. Julie Spires (verified owner)

    I used this in my meat loaf. It was really good.

  15. Alaska Specialty Woods (verified owner)

  16. Candy Gorman (verified owner)

  17. Jason S (verified owner)

    I mixed two tablespoons of the patty mix with a pound of deer burger and let the patties sit in the fridge overnight. Cooked them the next day and they are outstanding. My new favorite way to cook deer burgers.

  18. Jeffrey Jackson (verified owner)

    Makes an awesome burger with your hi temp cheese!

  19. Corey Hornicek (verified owner)


  20. John L. Gehringer (verified owner)

  21. Jeff Duncan (verified owner)

    I have been buying my sausage and bacon supplies form this company for about 4 yrs. Not once have I had a problem with any part of any order. The products are as described and work great. Prices are reasonable and shipping is fast.

  22. Thomas Weiss (verified owner)

  23. Timothy Dingwell (verified owner)

  24. Jeffrey Schmidt (verified owner)

    Still waiting on this item. My sausage is done but without my product.

  25. Jodi (verified owner)

    Our house is in live with this! The burger part was awesome. But even better was adding it to my meatloaf!! I cover my meatloaf in bacon but it never seems to get a really nice crisp to it. It also only seems to have a good bacon flavor the 1st 2 inches on the top meat part. I added this bacon powder and you would have thought it had been rolled, dipped and dredged in bacon. Since you control the amount going in your meat it is not over powering!

  26. Harold Rondan (verified owner)

    The savory bacon burger seasoning cooked on the grill was actually amazing.Delicious

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