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The Sausage Maker’s  Three Prong Sausage Pricker is used to create tiny holes in the casing after stuffing to allow air to escape. It’s injection molded from a durable resin and fitted with three incredibly sharp, small diameter needles.

Removes air pockets in natural, collagen and fibrous casings. Hand wash recommended.

  • Dimensions: 5 1/2″ long


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85 reviews for Sausage Pricker

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    The three prong pricker allows quick action for removing air pockets from my salami and sausage.

  2. bobby smith (verified owner)

    I loved it so much it work so good for making sausage I will recommend it to my friends.

  3. Howard Parker (verified owner)

    Great for what it is designed to do. This order was a replacement, but I have not received it yet. It has toured the whole state of Georgia, and has apparently been handed off to the USPS, don’ t really know. Same for the thermometer. If you can’ t ship with to via me via UPS, just don’ t ship.
    I have used your products for years, and they are the best! I just can’ t get good service from FedEx. Thanks, HEP

  4. jonathan andrew pilgrim (verified owner)

    Great product

  5. Nathaniel Hall (verified owner)

    It works great for getting rid of air pockets. We make about 500lbs of sausage annually and we keep a picker at each press and at the wrap station. It makes a much nicer presentation on fresh sausage and eliminates pockets that will collect grease with smoked sausage.

  6. darrin elaschuk (verified owner)

    nice little tool that i could not source loacally

  7. Patrick Schmaltz (verified owner)

    A must have tool for making great looking and tasting sausage.

  8. Aaron Eversull (verified owner)

    Really handy and sharp, well built.

  9. Joe Calabria (verified owner)

    I’m new at making my own sausage and find your site very informative and has helped me tremendously. Items available are reasonably priced and shipping was prompt fast.

    I’ll be recommending you to all my friends and family. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

    Thanks so much!!!

  10. Robert A. Settineri (verified owner)


  11. Art Dubois (verified owner)

    Wished it was a bit bigger, but it’s bigger than the needle I was using before!

  12. William Matlock (verified owner)

    I know that I could use a knife but sometimes it is just nice to have a tool designed for the task at hand.

  13. peter lulis (verified owner)

    use it when the sausage is being made, very handy to use, does the job

  14. David Skipper (verified owner)

    Haven’t used. Looks good.

  15. Gerhard Weiner (verified owner)

    I did not receive a tracking number with the shipping
    confirmation and had to call to get the arrival date,
    which was not possible. I only could get the tracking
    number. Rather complicated.*

  16. Kirby Lamburn (verified owner)

    haven’t used yet

  17. Paul Ponzo (verified owner)

    Perfect for pricking the sausge – excellent product.

  18. Charles Foley Sr. (verified owner)

    I put this little tool right to work I made 10 lbs of kielbasa and 5 lbs. of andoulli sausage. It did the job getting the air bubbles out of the casings before the sausage was hung in the smoker. Keep sending me those catalogues. I’m retiring from the manufacturing shop next year and will be doing a lot more cooking and sausage making to keep busy., and supplement my income. Your products have all been top notch.

  19. xiaoyang wu (verified owner)

    Good Jobs!

  20. Robert Marlowe (verified owner)

    Judy the right size for removing air pockets.

  21. John Hardy (verified owner)

    Just as expected. Should last and be easy to clean.

  22. William Piscitello (verified owner)

    My order was handled quickly and the sausage prick cane 2 days earlier then expected. Thanks for the great service.

  23. Bo (verified owner)

    Sharp and easy to clean. Just as expected.

  24. Gary Isaacks (verified owner)

    as advertised

  25. Roseann Illiano (verified owner)

  26. Adelina Donato (verified owner)

    We have used a sausage picker forever and it JUST went dull after MANY years. We bought another and hopefully it will last another 10 years or so. AlsoI love the fact that I can get “Natural Hog Casings” to make my “soppressati” the natural way. There IS a difference and I get them from the Sausage Factory every year

  27. TJ Smalley (verified owner)

  28. Tom Geary (verified owner)

  29. Chad Williams (verified owner)

  30. joseph ficalora (verified owner)

  31. Dale Gundlach (verified owner)

  32. Karpenske Leroy (verified owner)

  33. Gary Rehberg (verified owner)

  34. Gerald Novara (verified owner)

  35. Ronni Bossie (verified owner)

  36. Alan Bacchiochi (verified owner)

  37. Max (verified owner)

  38. daylon teel (verified owner)

    works well

  39. Marcus Forbes (verified owner)

    Well made and works great.

  40. M. Waters (verified owner)

    This tool does the job. Do I need it? No. Is it worth $10? Probably not. However, now that I have it I will use it every time, instead of a needle or a knife point. If you have the money to burn, why not? Otherwise you aren’t missing a whole lot.

  41. Natasha Yagnych (verified owner)

    Good product, fast shipping

  42. Steven Einhardt (verified owner)

  43. Mike S. (verified owner)

    Takes care of air pockets in a jiffy. Very sturdy and comfortable to use. Fantastic

  44. bob reali (verified owner)

    Have not used yet

  45. Richard Healy (verified owner)

  46. Seth (verified owner)

    Item worked very well. It was simple to use and made the sausage stuffing process that much easier.

  47. Justin Toups (verified owner)

  48. Bryan C (verified owner)

    I have always just used a pin, knife, fork, or whatever was handy. This BY FAR is the best tool for the job. Super small holes that just allow the air to escape, not the meat in the casing. Highly recommend this tool.

  49. Domenick Capomolla (verified owner)

  50. Darell calhoun (verified owner)

    Excellent inventory, reasonable prices, propmt delivery. Good company to work with for home processing.

  51. David Larsen (verified owner)

  52. Antonio Ventresco (verified owner)

    I work in a professional kitchen and needed one of these for a long time. They’re awesome because their flat design makes them perfect for a knife bag.

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Been using sewing pins to relieve air pockets in our brats for several years which takes forever. This pricker will be a lot easier to hold onto and take less time with three pins in one. Would have liked finer points but still well made

  54. Mark Swartz (verified owner)

  55. Mark Cramer (verified owner)

    It did it’s job.

  56. Marc Tieben (verified owner)

    Great products and super fast shipping

  57. Dan Harrington (verified owner)

  58. Michael K (verified owner)

  59. Joseph Collins (verified owner)

    It works great.

  60. Greg Wettersten (verified owner)

  61. DALE SCHOW (verified owner)

    Quality Product as always !

  62. dexter (verified owner)

    Sure beats poking them with a knife tip

  63. Danny H (verified owner)

    Must have tool. Works great !!!!

  64. Eddy Wheat (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Will definitely buy from again.

  65. Dennis Radecky (verified owner)

    This company is a great place to order supplies and ask general sausage making questions!

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and quality product

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

    great product great price

  68. Andrew Pressman (verified owner)


  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    worked as described

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was a life saver when we started trying to stuff sausage

  71. John Vialpando (verified owner)

  72. dan donham (verified owner)

    works well much better then a toothpick

  73. Tim Slater (verified owner)

  74. Richard Welsh (verified owner)

  75. Luigi Ceci (verified owner)

  76. David Clare (verified owner)

  77. Peter G (verified owner)

    I honestly thought to myself when I first saw this product that it was completely unnecessary. Boy was I wrong.

    Coming from a family that used only a needle tied to a string to poke all of the sausage and meats, this was put to the back of my mind. Until I bit the bullet and bought it for kicks.

    Now I wish I had bought 4. It’s sooooo worth it. Nice and sharp needles and a really comfortable handle made the last 90lb batch of soppressata a breeze.

  78. Mark D (verified owner)

    First order from The Sausage Maker. Great service and delivery. All great!

  79. Rodney Wentz (verified owner)

    Allows proper are flow to dry sausage

  80. John Demartino (verified owner)

    Good quality quick delivery

  81. Lawrence Kapigian (verified owner)

  82. Livius Raina (verified owner)

  83. John Thigpen (verified owner)

  84. Vernon JONES (verified owner)

    As usual the oder arrived promptly.

  85. Ray Herrick (verified owner)

    Very nice to use with slippery fingers, much better than the hat pin I have used for years.

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