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Purified Salt is a food grade, granular, white crystalline sodium chloride. Purified Salt is for making quality sausages, dry cured and semi-dry cured meats. Salt is one of the most important products in the making of good sausage as well as in curing meat. It is used by commercial kitchens as a safeguard to be sure they are using a good grade of salt.

  • Nt. Wt. 20lbs.

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Weight 22 lbs

6 reviews for Purified Salt 20 lbs

  1. Cyril Reshetiloff (verified owner)

    Can’t find this grade of salt in local stores.

  2. Paul Hryniszak (verified owner)

  3. Brooke Petty (verified owner)

  4. MIKE CRAWFORD (verified owner)

    Like the fact this salt is less expensive than my local big box store plus the bucket seems to keep the product dry.

  5. Bryan Hess (verified owner)

    I use alot of salt in dry aging.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Is this salt, the same as canning & pickling salt????
  1. 0 votes
    Q Is this salt, the same as canning & pickling salt???? answer now


    Also known as canning salt or preserving salt, pickling salt is simply pure granulated salt (sodium chloride), without any anti-caking agents or additives that are traditionally added to table salt. These additives can add a cloudy and/or darkened look to the pickle brine, which is why it's left out of pickling salt.