Pretubed Natural Hog Casings 35-38mm

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Pretubed Natural Hog Casings 35-38mm are the easiest and fastest way to stuff sausage with natural casings. Conveniently packed in salt, the plastic sleeves easily slide on the stuffing tubes. After soaking them with the plastic still on, simply slide one end over your stuffing tube and pull the plastic off the other end.

The casings are sourced from North American hogs only.

What Are Pretubed Casings
Pretubed casings come already strung on individual plastic sleeves. Since the casings are already individually separated, they are a lot easier to slide onto the stuffing tube. The casings are packed in purified salt and have an indefinite shelf life when stored in the refrigerator. Flush and soak in tap water before using.

Pretubed Natural Hog Casings 35 – 38mm Product Details:

    • Edible
    • Whisker free
    •  Grade A quality, minimum pin holes. better durability and tensile strength.
    • Ideal for making kielbasa, pepperoni, knockwurst and rope sausages
    • Casings are 35 – 38mm  (1 3/8 – 1 ½) in length*
    • Stuffing capacity per pack: approx. 55 lb.
    • We also offer a Natural Hog Casing 35- 38mm

Preparing Natural Casings – Do not remove plastic

    1. Remove the approximate amount you will need.
    2. Place casings in a clean food-safe bowl.
    3. Rinse casings of salt under cool running water.
    4. Flush the insides of casings to assist in smooth casing application.
    5. For small casings (<42mm): place bowl in cool water to soak for about 2 hours in the refrigerator prior to use.
    6. For larger casings (>42mm): place the bowl of the beef bung, middles, and/or rounds in the refrigerator to soak overnight prior to use.
    7. Optional for smell control – add ½ tsp baking soda per cup of water.
    8. Optional for tenderizing – squeeze a lemon or add a tablespoon of white vinegar to soaking water to refresh casings.

The natural casings should be kept refrigerated until ready for use. Un-refrigerated, these salted casings may give off a strong odor. This is Normal. Simply put the casings back into the refrigerator and the odor will subside. Natural casings should never be frozen. It affects their integrity after thawing and will cause more blowouts.

    Shipping Information
    Natural casings cannot be shipped outside the United States. All natural casings are non-refundable and non-returnable.

    Natural Casings 101
    Click here for more information on what type of natural casing to use.

    *Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops, and how tightly casings are being filled

    Additional information

    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 6.5 in

    51 reviews for Pretubed Natural Hog Casings 35-38mm

    1. Grant Van Buren (verified owner)

      These pretubed casings are the best, easy to feed on stuffing, did 100# and no broken casings.

    2. elanor skuean (verified owner)

      Casings are great! Thank you.

    3. River Rat (verified owner)

      Product arrived quickly and in good condition. Have not had the opportunity to yet to use them.

    4. Peter H. (verified owner)

      Convenient to use. Great Stuff.

    5. Casey Yates (verified owner)

      Easy to use and worked great

    6. Figler Brian (verified owner)

      Easy, clean and nice consistent product

    7. Alan Cucullu (verified owner)

      Good product and quick service.

    8. val kitzan (verified owner)

      Have used before with confidence

    9. E Boucher (verified owner)

      good quality easy to use

    10. Brian (verified owner)

      We’ve always have trouble with the casings….
      Used to I should say. These Pretubed casings make the stuffing so much easier and enjoyable.

    11. Shawn Daugherty (verified owner)

      The pre-tubed casings save a lot of time. I will definitely be ordering these again.

    12. edwin collins (verified owner)

      Website is very informative to help the novice choose what products they need. With the instructions included with the mixes I should not have any problems making my first batch of sausage.

    13. jerzy rodzen (verified owner)

    14. Jerry Harrison (verified owner)

      If you have ever tried to unravel casings you know how hard it can be.
      With the pre-Pretubed casings its a snap.
      I love them.

    15. Lance Plassio (verified owner)

      Haven’t used yet but peeking inside the well packaged hog casings look good and pretubed will certainly help loading the stuffer. These are slated for some Easter kielbasa

    16. GERARDO DEL BOSQUE (verified owner)

      I make spanish chorizo and works great

    17. Stan Mrowka (verified owner)

      Always the easiest way to stuff sausage. The pre-tubed casings are great.

    18. Clayton Swalstad (verified owner)

    19. Larry Gossman (verified owner)

      Products came without problem, used first time last Friday, worked great. First stab at making sausage and started with natural casing, very pleased. Also online helped get me through first batch.

    20. steven noyes (verified owner)

      Excellent service on all products, there is no need to go anywhere else

    21. Stephen G (verified owner)

      Fantastic product, product shipped fast

    22. John La Rochelle (verified owner)

      Makes Sausage making a breeze.

    23. Alan Cucullu (verified owner)

    24. Victor Vicari (verified owner)

    25. kevin Ketchersid (verified owner)

      very easy to use.

    26. Andrew Jackson (verified owner)

      Great product, great snap after cooking. Very easy to use

    27. RICH NOWAK (verified owner)

    28. Alan Lurz (verified owner)

    29. Don Nidek (verified owner)

      Most recent order not used yet…BUT….have total confidence in quality.. All consumables, seasoning, grinder, stuffer, mixer have lived up to your “adds”
      and met my standard for excellence. Only criticism
      ……shipping costs. But then I am on the west coast

    30. Jason Brady (verified owner)

    31. Hunter Old (verified owner)

    32. John Jordan (verified owner)

      good flavor not to hot

    33. gilbert m logan (verified owner)

      I am a long time customer that finds your products and services top notch a little long in shipping time 8 days is a little long now days but worth the wait

    34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    35. Valery Guralnik (verified owner)

      Great product . Makes it much easier to use. Saving time.

    36. Eric Gremli (verified owner)

    37. Joseph Hale (verified owner)

    38. ROBERT KING (verified owner)


    39. David Fulkerson (verified owner)

    40. shawn heller (verified owner)

    41. Jerry Hailey (verified owner)

      The natural casings made An excellent pop when you bit into it. Made for a great sausage.

    42. Tom Skarbowski (verified owner)

      Soak a couple of hours and you’re good to go. Able to stuff with no breaks!

    43. Timothy Graminski (verified owner)

      Great as allways

    44. Charlotte Betchan (verified owner)

      They had everything I wanted and shipped fast. I would definitely buy from them again

    45. Mike Stadler (verified owner)

    46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    47. richard lawson (verified owner)

    48. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Wasn’t to crazy about the pretubed casings as we are supposed to soak and rinse on inside which was difficult to do with the plastic.

    49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    50. Francis Carmichael (verified owner)

      shipped delivered on time as always casings are great easy to use.

    51. Steve Cook – Wild Fig BBQ (verified owner)

      I may have been using too small of a casing in the past because I always had issues with blowouts and tearing. Linking was next to impossible.
      Not with these though- these were absolutely great. Only one blowout and flawless links!! I also noticed these are incredibly clean casings. I always rinse my casings until the water is clear, these are clear rinsing in the first wash.

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    Questions and answers of the customers

      If I overestimate and rinse too many casings, can I vacuum bag them and return to fridge for indefinite storage? Should I result with a specific type of salt?