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Our Pastrami Kit will provide you with the tools for brining/curing the proper way to create delicious corned beef. All that is needed to turn the corned beef into a delectable Pastrami is to introduce smoke and then cook. It can also be used on venison roasts, and it will make venison or other game meat taste like corned beef. Makes 25 lbs.

The cure and spices can be used to make Corned Beef, as well as Venison, Elk, Moose and Turkey thighs.

Pastrami Kit consists of: (Click here for recipe)*

  • 2 1/2 lbs. of Pastrami Seasoning with Cure
  • 2 oz. Pickling Spices
  • Makes 25 lbs.

Allergens: Soybean oil used as a mixing aid.

*Gently massage Pastrami seasoning before use.

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30 reviews for Pastrami Kit

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    I have used this kit in the past with excellent results. I take 25 pounds of boneless venison roast, mix the brine up in a food grade 5 gallon bucket and add about 2 gallons of water. I brine the venison for about 7 days at 40 degrees in my garage fridge. After brining, I put the meat in the smoker with apple wood chips for smoke and smoke the Pastrami for about 12 hours until I get an internal temp of 185 degrees. I then slice it thin on a electric slicer. This Pastrami makes excellent Reuben sandwiches!!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product shipped on time. The kit was easy to use. Our pastrami turned out great with a wonderful flavor. I would purchase this product again. Looking forward to trying your other products in the future.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Have made numerous batches of this, comes out great every-time. I put fresh ground black pepper and ground coriander on the outside before smoking. I have had many people remark about the good flavor of the finished product.

  4. Thomas Rebein (verified owner)

    Good quality

  5. Bill Smith (verified owner)

    Tried this last year on my venison and loved it.. My second kit just arrived for this season.

  6. steve armbruster (verified owner)

    Your product was perfect. I’ll be a returning customer.

  7. Ernest L Cerny III (verified owner)

    Easy & tastes great

  8. will leach (verified owner)

    Love the pastrami kit u have!! So easy to make and so delicious. Thanks for a great product

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent amd very easy. Tried 3 cuts of beef and all came out great!

  10. Dale Larsen (verified owner)

  11. Janet Oldfather (verified owner)

    This was a xmas gift – can not write a review.

  12. Tigerfanatic (verified owner)

    If you know someone who doesn’t like the flavor of Vension, win them over by turning your hind-quarter roasts into pastrami. I pickle them for 7-8 days in the refrigerator after aging for 7-10 days. Indirect heat smoker to internal temp of 150F, deli-slice, then vacuum bag and freeze. Stack it on toasted rye with sauerkraut, swiss and deli mustard, close your eyes and you’ll think you’re at the Stage Deli.

  13. bob reali (verified owner)

    Just made a batch of deer pastrami,it was great. Gone in 1 day must make more

  14. Jason S (verified owner)

    I take large roasts from the hind quarters and brine 25 pounds in the pastrami kit spices. I keep the meat in the brine for 7 to 9 days in a small refrigerator. I then remove the meat and smoke it at 225 degrees for 12 hours. Cool the meat overnight and slice it thin the next day. Makes an excellent reuben sandwich on rye with kraut.

  15. mike collins (verified owner)

    The entire experience was great, the product arrived quickly. Will definitely be placing another soon!

  16. James haines (verified owner)

    Ordered and received. That’s the way it is supposed to work….. thanks

  17. tershakovec, george (verified owner)

    Everything included, good instructions, will buy again

  18. Roy Goodin (verified owner)

  19. Gregory Eul (verified owner)

    It was great, First time I tried to smoke a beef brisket and it made me look like a pro.
    Highly Recommend this

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. George Tershakovec (verified owner)

    Best there is

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. George Di Lella (verified owner)

  24. Ken Carlson (verified owner)

    Great way to use venison roasts.

  25. Michael Baker (verified owner)

  26. ROBERT HENNE (verified owner)

  27. Clayt Mabry (verified owner)

    Used this product three times. Works great.

  28. Allen Hauser (verified owner)

    a little pricey but good quality.

  29. Dale Daniels (verified owner)

  30. Wilderness Meats (verified owner)

    I used this Product with great success..
    I owned a deli and made very popular sandwiches
    Using this product…also made Venison Pastrami, with Great success

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    Does this use Prague Powder #1 for the cure?
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    Q Does this use Prague Powder #1 for the cure? answer now

    Yes, we call it InstaCure #1, but it's the same product... SODIUM NITRITE.