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Our oxygen Absorbers 500cc 10pk prevent the deterioration of food by removing the oxygen in the product container. It is used for quality control and preservation of products because it can extend the shelf life of products preserve the taste and flavor of products and maintain freshness by preventing oxidation and discoloration of products. 

Product Details
Includes 10 packs of 500cc oxygen absorbers.

OXYGEN ABSORBER PACKS (OAP): These high-capacity absorbers can take in 180% – 300% of their rated amount, offering a generous safety buffer and allowing handling time. You can store unused packs in a mason jar or reseal them to minimize exposure and waste.

LONGER SHELF LIFE: Oxygen absorbers are up to 10 times more efficient than vacuum sealing in removing oxygen, reducing levels to less than 0.01%. Vacuum sealing typically only lowers oxygen levels to about 0.1%. Removing oxygen from sealed food can extend its shelf life by up to 25 years or more. Ideal for use with Mylar bags, vacuum bags, and mason jars.

FOOD AND NON-FOOD STORAGE: Use oxygen absorbers to remove oxygen from sealed vacuum bags when heat-sealing food and non-food items. Ideal for long-term storage of rice, pasta, beans, oatmeal, coffee, jerky, nuts, dried meats, and flour. They also protect vintage items, collectibles, ammo, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and other items from deterioration.

GUARANTEED FRESH: Each pack of oxygen absorbers includes an indicator that turns pink if the pack is properly sealed. The indicator’s color may vary from bright pink to a reddish hue, showing that the pack is sealed and the absorbers are in good condition. The indicator turns blue when the pack is opened and exposed to air.

Additional Sizes
The oxygen absorbers are available in additional sizes: Oxygen Absorbers 100cc 10pk, Oxygen Absorbers 300cc 10pkOxygen Absorbers 500cc 10pk, Oxygen Absorbers 1000cc 10pkOxygen Absorbers 2000cc 5pkOxygen Absorbers 2000cc 1pk

Oxygen Absorbers and Mylar® Bags
Oxygen absorbers work best when paired with vacuum bags or mylar bags. We have these Myler bags: Mylar Pint Bag 7mil 20pcMylar quart Bag 5mil 20pc, Mylar Gallon Bag 5mil 20pcMylar 5Gallon Bag 7mil 1pc

How Long Do Oxygen Absorbers Last?
Oxygen absorbers do not expire. However, they are like a sponge that when exposed to air will start to absorb available oxygen and eventually “fill up” and not work anymore. Click here for additional information.

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