Natural Hog Middles 55-60mm

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Natural Hog Middles 55-60mm are large diameter casings. Not Edible. Hog middles are easily recognizable by their curly appearance. These delicate casings can be used for N’duja, Soppressata di Calabrese, Blood Sausages, some Liverwurst, and other salumi.

Hog middles have a naturally occurring strong aroma. During the soaking process, add lemon halves or white vinegar to your bowl of tap water and a tablespoon of baking soda. This will help tame the aroma.

Be gentle when stuffing, as the casing walls are fragile and may burst a but more easily than other natural casings. Hog middles are not completely de-fatted, it is normal for them to contain fat along the interior lining.

Natural Hog Middles 55-60mm Product Details

  • Middles are not edible
  • large diameter casings
  • Sourced from North American hogs only
  • Used for N’duja, Soppressata di Calabrese, Blood Sausages, some Liverwurst, and other salumi.
  • These casings are sold in bags containing 5 pieces (7 feet each)
  • 2 ¼ (55-60mm) when stuffed – approx.*

Preparing Natural Casings 

  1. Remove the approximate amount you will need.
  2. Place casings in a clean food-safe bowl.
  3. Rinse casings of salt under cool running water.
  4. Flush the insides of casings to assist in smooth casing application.
  5. For small casings (<42mm): place bowl in cool water to soak for about 2 hours in the refrigerator prior to use.
  6. For larger casings (>42mm): place a bowl of the beef bung, middles, and/or rounds in the refrigerator to soak overnight prior to use.
  7. Optional for smell control – add ½ tsp baking soda per cup of water.
  8. Optional for tenderizing – squeeze a lemon or add a tablespoon of white vinegar to soaking water to refresh casings.

    The natural casings should be kept refrigerated until ready for use. Un-refrigerated, these salted casings may give off a strong odor. This is Normal. Simply put the casings back into the refrigerator and the odor will subside. Natural casings should never be frozen. It affects their integrity after thawing and will cause more blowouts.

    Shipping Information
    Natural casings cannot be shipped outside the United States. All natural casings are non-refundable and non-returnable.

    Natural Casings 101
    Click here for more information on what type of natural casing to use.

    *Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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    21 reviews for Natural Hog Middles 55-60mm

    1. PAT PETRO (verified owner)

      Casings are great and will buy from again year after year.

    2. Ann Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe (verified owner)


    3. Adelina Donato (verified owner)

      We use the hog middles for “originality” of Soppessati. Although they are hard to handle because of their delicateness, it’s worth it. Very happy with product and using it for years.

    4. Terry Schera (verified owner)

      I use these casings to make traditional spicy sopressata the same as my great grandfather from Sicily did.

    5. Timothy Popp (verified owner)

      I have been using these for several years. They are of excellent quality and I cannot find locally. Great for Italian dried sausage. After curing/ageing/shrinkage you get about a 3″ diameter finished product.

    6. Cliff H. (verified owner)

      The hog middles were exactly the right size in diameter for my filetto (mini-lonza). There were a few holes in the sides of the first two middles that I took from the container which prevented me from just using one middle for two filettos. I called customer service to ask if this was common, and two days later they had sent me a complimentary replacement order of beef middles to try! Now I have to go to the butcher and buy more pork tenderloins!!

      Great way to go over and above with the customer service – thanks!!

    7. Djuro Polovina (verified owner)

    8. Roseann Illiano (verified owner)

    9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    10. Susan Landers (verified owner)

    11. Otto Crombet (verified owner)

    12. Leo Lech (verified owner)

    13. Edward McDonald (verified owner)

    14. Anthony Bruno (verified owner)

      I call three times ad never got the respect, very bad company.

    15. Janet Bruelhart (verified owner)

      These are so nice. Beautiful old world sausages can be made!

    16. MILIJAN LUKIC (verified owner)

      On web site was stated that a bucket contains 5 pcs of 7 ft long middles. Received 3 pcs of 7 ft and two pcs of 3 ft only.
      Feel that I’m cheated with this order

    17. john bober (verified owner)

    18. Dan Holtgrave (verified owner)

    19. Djuro Polovina (verified owner)

    20. Jean Mattia (verified owner)

    21. Rocco (verified owner)

      I assumed these would be between 55 and 60 millimeters, which would be les that 2.5 inches. They were so large that you could stuff softballs in them. Reach out to customer service and never heard back. In the garbage they went. Will only shop local from now on.

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    Questions and answers of the customers

      Can these be link tide with string?
    1. 0 votes
      Q Can these be link tide with string? answer now

      Yes, they should be tied with butcher's twine/string

    2. how many pounds will this accomadate?
    3. 0 votes
      Q how many pounds will this accomadate? answer now

      This bucket will make approximately 60 lbs of sausage