Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke, 16 oz.

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Liquid smoke is a natural product and not synthetic in nature. Wet hickory wood is burned and the concentrated moisture is then bottled. Liquid smoke is a very concentrated product and only one teaspoon is required for each five pounds of meat. Liquid smoke should be used sparingly as too much of it will give the meat a burnt taste. It can be added directly to the meat when mixing. Add smoke flavor to turkey, fish and poultry in your kitchen oven. Simply mix the ingredients from our kits with cold water, soak your meat and then cook it in the oven as usual. It’s easy, quick and convenient.

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23 reviews for Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke, 16 oz.

  1. Cyril Reshetiloff (verified owner)

    I use this mainly in making “Struttin Sause”, an ingredient for BBQ ribs. Can’t find is elsewhere.

  2. Rick Gifford (verified owner)

    Have ordered before, worked great. That’s why I ordered again

  3. Paul Sheffler (verified owner)

    Very good product to use if you lack a proper smoker shed. I use this product with all my wild game sausage.

  4. John Selman (verified owner)

    I use a lot of this and it is hard to find in most grocery stores.

  5. Betty Russell (verified owner)

    just try some has increased flavor

  6. DARRELL WARRINER (verified owner)

  7. Kevin Wiwczaroski (verified owner)

  8. Clayton Swalstad (verified owner)

  9. Jerry Horn (verified owner)

    I have used it before. Was satisfied with it so when I needed more I ordered from you.

  10. Tim Wiening (verified owner)

    This liquid smoke is really strong stuff. I need only teaspoons of this vs. a lot more of other products. Love the flavor it adds to my jerky.

  11. Rebecca Zawisky (verified owner)

    Was really surprised the cost was so low, it was a great item.

  12. Ronald Bearden (verified owner)

  13. Brian Shifflett (verified owner)

  14. Kenneth Detjen (verified owner)

    This is a good product

  15. Chad Wertepny (verified owner)

  16. Alex Szecsodi (verified owner)

  17. Peggy Mason (verified owner)

    It smells just fine, like hickory smoke. I havent had a chance ti use it yet. Fast, efficient delivery

  18. Charles Smoak (verified owner)

    Love this product

  19. Martin Krimm (verified owner)

    I have used this liquid smoke for years and when I need some smoke flavor in a recipe and don’t have time to use the smoker this works.

  20. Jonathan Bartlett (verified owner)

    I was unable to smoke the sausage I was making. This added just the right flavor to the final product.

  21. Linda Loostrom (verified owner)

    Available here!! Thank you

  22. walter frost (verified owner)

  23. Stephen Streng (verified owner)

    Great addition to smoked sausage to add a little more smoke flavor.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    What are the actual ingredients listed? Is there any salt, added colors, added flavors, or preservatives?
  1. 0 votes
    Q What are the actual ingredients listed? Is there any salt, added colors, added flavors, or preser...... Read more answer now

    Hi Greg,

    The data sheet states it is "a water soluble smoke flavor" with a two year shelf life. It is made in the USA. It states it has no allergens such as eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, sesame. They do product milk, soybeans and celery in the factory where it's made. It's not genetically modified and it does state that it is considered a "natural flavor". It does contain polysorbate 80 and it says it has no sodium. Hope that helps!