Mundial 8″ Narrow Stiff Fillet Knife

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Mundial 8″ Narrow Stiff Fillet Knife is ideal for filleting large fish like tuna and for trimming large cuts of meat.

Narrow Blade
The narrow blade of the Mundial 8″ Narrow Stiff Fillet Knife allows for easy, precise cutting around bone and cartilage. Narrow blades are needed to cut around smaller edges and angles. These travel through the skin with little to no resistance, ensuring no harm to the meat.

The knife is made of high-carbon, stain-free steel. Due to Mundial’s technology used in the manufacturing process, these knives hold an edge much longer than their competitors.

Stiff Blade
Thicker and tougher meat requires a more robust blade to ensure that you do not go off course while separating the meat. Stiff blades are therefore used to make wide cuts.

A sharp, keen edge makes your cutting job easier, quicker, and safer. When it comes time to sharpen a Mundial, the job is easier because of the make-up of the steel. In no time, that razor sharp edge is back, ready to perform for you. NSF Approved.

Ergonomic Handle
The ergonomic polypropylene handle will provide exceptional comfort and a safe, non-slip grip as you tackle daily food preparation tasks.

Wash your knife with dish soap and hot water after each use. Rinse with clear water. Air-dry or pat dry with clean paper towels. Don’t pile them into the sink or dishpan. Therefore wash them one by one and rack them with handles up. For stuck on food, let knife soak for a few minutes. 

These solutions are considered safe for knife storage: countertop knife blocks, drawers or on wall-mounted magnetic strips. However, the best selection usually depends upon how well your kitchen is configured.

Prouct Details

  • NSF Approved – Yes
  • Blade lenght:  8 inches
  • Blade tip:  Point
  • Handle material: Polypropylene
  • Type: Narrow Stiff Fillet Knife

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    very sharp !!

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