Mundial 10″ Breaking Knife

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Mundial 10″ Breaking Knife is a type of kitchen knife that is used for breaking down large pieces of meat. It is different than a butcher knife, which is designed for slicing meat. A breaking knife has a thick, curved blade that allows the user to cut through meat with ease. This type of knife is becoming more and more popular in professional kitchens, as it can help save time and make the process of breaking down meat easier.

Designed to break down large pieces of meat. It’s long, thin blade is curved towards the tip, and a blunt end that is perfect for pounding meat. Breaking knives are also sometimes called butcher knives because they are perfect for butchering large cuts of meat.


  • Breaking down large pieces of meat.
  • Used for cutting meat, through small bones, and trimming fat.
  • Great knife for slicing watermelon and large cantaloupes.
  • It can also help with filleting very large fish into smaller pieces.

Comfortable Grip
This dependable knife features a polypropylene handle that provides enhanced grip, comfort, and safety. Ergonomically designed molded plastic handles to prevent the knife from slipping.

The knife Is made with a high carbon steel so it resists stains. NSF Approved. Made with unmatched precision by Mundial in Brazil.

Mundial 10″ Breaking Knife Prouct Details:

  • NSF Approved – Yes
  • Blade lenght:  10 inches
  • Type: Breaking Knife

Recommended Sharpener: Chef’sChoice 312 Diamond UltraHone Knife Sharpener

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  2. peter holand (verified owner)

    Have not had a chance to use yet.

  3. W. A. (verified owner)

    My order was delayed and it took me a couple hours of phone calls to get in touch with someone and have them ship the available items, only to find out that they still did not ship all the items I ordered even though the gambrel was an item they said they had. Horrible customer service!

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    Does the 10" breaking knife come with a sheath?
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    Q Does the 10" breaking knife come with a sheath? answer now

    No, it does not. Davisons' Butcher Supply carries sheaths for butcher knives