Mahogany Collagen Casings 16mm

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Mahogany Collagen Casings 16mm are perfect for smoked sticks, snack sticks, and venison sticks. These casings are pleated into strands that can be unfurled and placed on  1/2″ stuffing tube.

These casings are made to be more durable to carry the weight of the meat when hanging on a smokehouse stick. Made from the hide of cattle, totally edible. Keep refrigerated.

Mahogany Collagen Casings 16mm Product Details:

  • Edible
  • Color: Mahogany
  • Ideal for smoked sticks, snack sticks, venison sticks or small-diameter pepperoni or salami
  • Size: 16mm
  • 5 half strands per package
  • Use with  1/2″ stuffing tube
  • 5 strands per package (approx. 148 ft of casing)*
  • Stuffing capacity:  17 lbs.*
  • Approximately 5/8″ when stuffed*
  • Strand collagen casings should never be wetted or soaked
  • Keep refrigerated

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops, and how tightly casings are being filled.


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96 reviews for Mahogany Collagen Casings 16mm

  1. Chuckwagon (verified owner)

    I really like this stuff. Where was it when I was a kid? If you make a lot of snack sticks, this is the way to go. Collagen won’t hold a link but in smaller diameters like 16 or 19 mm, you don’t need links. Simply stuff an entire coil and allow it to set up 5 minutes. Put two pieces of tape on your countertop for designated length of sausages, and then simply cut snack sticks to length with a sharp pair of scissors. Lay them out on a smoke screen and allow them to bloom. Easy and perfect! Good luck.
    Best Wishes,
    Chuckwagon at

  2. mary moulton (verified owner)

    worked really well

  3. Pete (verified owner)

    Did not get to use these yet

  4. jeff Havens (verified owner)

    just what I was looking for, thanks for the fast service

  5. russell vollick (verified owner)

    My purchased item was promptly shipped,and I made some very tasty venison snack sticks with the casings.
    Thanks so much,I’ll be sure to buy again for all my sausage,and winemaking supplies.

    Kind Regards,
    Russ Vollick

  6. scott jilek (verified owner)


  7. Brian Bucior (verified owner)

    Great casing.. just pulled them out of the smoker…

  8. Clifford Thompson (verified owner)

    All the products are very good and I will always use the Sausage Maker for all my supply’s.

    I would like to start a business with smoked meats and fresh home brewed beer. Is there any way you could help me? Any advice? Thank you and I’ll be placing a new order soon.

  9. Michael Shrum (verified owner)

    Exactly what I ordered. Always great products from The Sausage Maker!

  10. John Szymanski (verified owner)

    I love the thin 16 mm casing. So easy to use and the color really makes the snack sticks I make appealing to the eye.

  11. bill maravy (verified owner)

    Fast shipping- great product

  12. Phil Gilbert (verified owner)


  13. steve vaillancourt (verified owner)

    Good fast shipping , like the free shipping , product looks good can’t wait to try

  14. Derek Fisher (verified owner)

    Perfect for snack sticks. A tad smaller than average if you are looking for a thinner stick. Smokes a little quicker than standard sizes as well.

  15. Teddy Wilkening (verified owner)

    Item as described. Prompt shipping. All is well.

  16. Terry and Cora Malone (verified owner)


  17. Tom Prellwitz (verified owner)

    These edible casings are great for snack sticks.

  18. Carmen Heubel (verified owner)

    Good product

  19. Angela Pete (verified owner)

    Used these and they worked great for our beef summer sausage. Will use these again in the future.

  20. James Klosek (verified owner)

    The girl that took my order was friendly and knowledgeable about thier products. She answered a few questions i had about the products i was ordering . She said it would be 3 to 5 days for me to recieve my order It showed up the next day ! Great company Good products And nice people to deal with ! I will be ordering from them again . 5 stars

  21. Mark Armstrong (verified owner)

    We did 15 lbs. of elk/venison/pork sausage and it turned out great. Maybe a touch to much salt but that was our problem. The casings held up well. We had two small blowouts but for we did, no big deal. Liked the size and the overall quality.

  22. Timothy H. (verified owner)

    The casings are always fresh, the seasonings are always spot-on, the service is always friendly, and the shipping always finds my house. Why go someplace else….

  23. Doug G. (verified owner)

    Love these casings for Slim Jims!

  24. Tim Mannett (verified owner)

    Not all are the same, this product stands out from all others because of one word “Quality”. The casings were used and I discovered the end results were much better (no blow outs under normal stuffing) than the competitors brand, Elasticity was outstanding, when the snack sticks were smoked the casings bonded with the meat much better than with the other brands
    Thanks will be ordering more in the future from The Sausage Maker.

  25. Dale Larsen (verified owner)

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Ron Harris (verified owner)

  28. Scott Hendrickson (verified owner)

  29. Jim Sandall (verified owner)

    Great cases for snack sticks. These feed from there tube form and on to the stuffer horn nice and clean.

  30. Dennis Blankenship (verified owner)

  31. IndianaJoe (verified owner)

    These casing are just what I was looking for. High Quality no problems. Very little shrinkage. Will use again

  32. Eric Kolsto (verified owner)

  33. Jeff Shelly (verified owner)

    Great price and quality product

  34. roger evans (verified owner)

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

  36. Michael Ciardello (verified owner)

    Get these instead of the natural color, your sticks will look a lot better.

  37. david seachrist (verified owner)

  38. JC Rivera (verified owner)

    First time using these and armed great.

  39. Patrick Miller (verified owner)

  40. Darren Lisee (verified owner)

  41. Kim Jones (verified owner)

    Easy to use

  42. Arkadiy Inberg (verified owner)

  43. Benjamin Rowe (verified owner)

    I’ve used these quite a bit in the past. The kids love them and they go great with the Snack Stick seasoning.

  44. B Wood (verified owner)

    These casings came exactly as described and worked perfectly for my snack sticks.

  45. Tim D (verified owner)

    These casing are the first collagen casings I have used. For snack sticks they are perfect, easy to use. Now if I can get my recipe figured out.

  46. Dale Render (verified owner)

    Easy to use no issues at all

  47. joe martinucci (verified owner)

    thumbs up

  48. jason call (verified owner)

  49. Johnathan Aubrey (verified owner)

    Well packaged fast shipping cases are easy to use and durable during stuffing.

  50. JOSEPH P. GRONKOWSKI (verified owner)

  51. scott six (verified owner)

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Your casings are exactly what we were looking for and are the best we have used. We are just starting to make our own beef sticks and summer sausage. Your products have helped us be successful at our attempts.

  53. Jeff (verified owner)

    First time buyer. Haven’t tried it yet but shipping was fast.

  54. Ken Toennies (verified owner)

  55. Paul Fleming (verified owner)

    Once the meat is back from the butcher, I will be trying

  56. Charles Manning (verified owner)

    Uses these casing for the past 4 years, always work great once you figure out how to wet the insides to get them to slide on your tube, but once there they stuff very easy.

  57. Derrell Wutzke (verified owner)

  58. Gregory Caskey (verified owner)

    Used these casings to make some homemade beef sticks for the Super Bowl. Simple to used and stuff, stood up well to the smoker as well. Ordering on line from Sausage maker with their outstanding website is both easy and quick.

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

  60. Charles Manning (verified owner)

  61. amanda miller (verified owner)

    great casings for beef sticks and great quality casings to I have never had one split on me. very easy to stuff, this is the only casings I use for all my beef stick.

  62. Ronald Esteppe (verified owner)

    I received the casings much quicker than expected. I may be doing something wrong, but the casings do not adhere to the farce as I expected or to.

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)