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Rennet is an enzyme that coagulates the milk, causing it to separate into solids (curds) and liquid (whey). This enzyme is crucial to the cheese making process. The New England Cheese Company’s Liquid Animal Rennet is the highest quality form of rennet available on the U.S. market today. 1/2 teaspoon of animal rennet will set up to 2 gallons of milk in approximately 45 minutes. The whole 2 ounces bottle contains approx.12 teaspoons, which will set up to 48 gallons of milk.

*THIS RENNET IS MADE WITH VEAL . If you are looking for a rennet not made with animal products please check out the Liquid Vegetable Rennet. 

Animal Rennet Features:

  • 2 ounce container of liquid animal rennet
  • Use to make a variety of cheeses
  • 1/2 teaspoon animal rennet will set up to 2 gallons of milk
  • Liquid rennet should always be diluted in non-chlorinated water before adding to your milk
  • 2 contains approximately 12 teaspoons which will set up to 48 gallons of milk
  • When using with store bought milk you may need to add a little more rennet


  • 1/2 teaspoon will set 2 gallons of milk in approximately 45 minutes
  • Each 2oz. bottle contains 12 teaspoons which is enough to set 48 gallons of milk


  • The amount to use will vary on the condition of your milk, season and type of cheese you are making
  • Dilute required amount of rennet with 20 times its volume of cool, potable water
  • Immediately add into milk and stir for 2 minutes to uniformly distribute


  • Veal rennet
  • sodium chloride brine
  • acetate
  • propylene glycol
  • caramel color
  • sodium benzoate
  • potassium sorbate


  • Store rennet in refrigerator
  • Will keep for 1 year if stored properly

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9 reviews for Liquid Animal Rennet

  1. Adelina Donato (verified owner)

    Great for our Capicollo part of the pig. Get them every ear. Great!

  2. Jayson Keiper (verified owner)

  3. joseph ficalora (verified owner)

  4. Lawrence Liptak (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product was what I expected. The shipping cost was very reasonable. Shipping time was fast. I have no reservations about buying from The Sausage Maker again. Thank you!

  6. mark morawski (verified owner)

    Imagine how much more you would sell if you discovered USPS flat rate shipping

  7. Bethany Vance (verified owner)

    We’ve used this at our restaurant for a few months now and it works perfectly. No complaints!

  8. rosario magro (verified owner)

    Very good

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Worked well to make home made mozzarella cheese.

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