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Juniper berries have a unique flavor that’s both piney and slightly citrusy, with a subtle hint of peppery spice. You can crush some and add to pork, sauerkraut or even chicken salad. Also used to season Schinke speck, a German ham bacon roll. They are commonly used in cooking to impart a distinct earthy, aromatic essence, particularly in dishes like game meats, sauerkraut, and certain types of gin.

Flavor Profile
Dried juniper berries have a complex flavor profile, characterized by a combination of piney, slightly citrusy, and mildly peppery notes. They offer a distinctive herbal and earthy taste, with a hint of resinous sweetness.


  • Flavoring Meat: They are commonly used to flavor game meats like venison, wild boar, and rabbit.
  • Pickling and Preserving: Juniper berries are a key ingredient in pickling brines for vegetables like cucumbers, as well as for preserving meats.
  • Baking and Cooking: They can be crushed or ground and used in baking, particularly in bread, as well as in certain spice blends for various dishes.

Juniper berries have a strong flavor, so they should be used in moderation to avoid overpowering the dish.

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    41 reviews for Juniper Berries

    1. PointCut (verified owner)

      Very Fresh with minimal to no dried up berries. Most if not all berries plump and pliable and very aromatic. My Capicolas are very happy :))

    2. Michael Francis (verified owner)

      Great product

    3. Halina Kowalczyk (verified owner)

      Love them. I used them to make pastrami. These are high quality berries. I bought these in my local supermarkets before, but they were not as good as these, and also, the price is better. I use a lot of these because I make my own rubs for meats and I use them in brines for additional flavor. If you are looking for a nice quality Juniper berries, the Sausage Maker is the place to get them at.

    4. Sam Castillo (verified owner)

      Quality product and great service.

    5. Paul Everman (verified owner)

      Fresh product

    6. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Berry nice. Excellent product at a good price.

    7. Jonathan Beck (verified owner)

      The spices were wonderful and priced nice

    8. Lance Plassio (verified owner)

      Unable to find in stock locally. Honestly I’m glad they weren’t for what I’d pay for an ounce of Juniper berries locally I got a giant container full from SM.

    9. Reginald Snyder (verified owner)

      No issue. Fresh, well packed, good value

    10. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Very good quality. Very pleased.

    11. Ronnie Brown (verified owner)

    12. JOHN STOKLOSA (verified owner)

    13. Peter Trofimchik (verified owner)

    14. Karmen Mitchell (verified owner)

    15. Clifford Warner (verified owner)

    16. Glenn Burkey (verified owner)

    17. Jeffrey Marquis (verified owner)

    18. Paula Greco-markhofer (verified owner)

      Very good

    19. robert feyl (verified owner)

    20. Jack colton (verified owner)

      Easy to order and fast delivery
      Great company

    21. Chas P (verified owner)

    22. Steven Brink (verified owner)

    23. K Penniman (verified owner)

      I was impressed by the size of the berries on a whole.

    24. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Great service

    25. Piotr Plewa (verified owner)

      The order was quickly processed. The berries were very fresh. The store has many great items to choose from.

    26. Jerry (verified owner)

      Excellent service as the berries were delivered in two days. Quality product. I would recommend the Sausage Maker to anyone looking for hard to find ingredients.

    27. RK (verified owner)

      Easy to order. Had 2 day shipping. Everything arrived on time. All was packaged well. Already told several friends about this website.

    28. Alfonso DeBenedictis (verified owner)

      Great stuff.

    29. Michael Gerhold (verified owner)

      great pricing

    30. horst schach (verified owner)

    31. William Eggers (verified owner)

      Looking forward to adding this spice to several recipes. The Quality is obvious by the smell and feel.

    32. William Hotaling (verified owner)

      It was a spice I couldn’t find in my area and found it on this site and I was exactly what I needed.

    33. Hatice Gure (verified owner)

    34. Vincent Caffarini (verified owner)

      First time I got such a large amount

    35. ANTHONY MONTANARO (verified owner)

      Very nice high grade product AAA+++

    36. Dale Daniels (verified owner)

    37. Richard Traxler (verified owner)

      I really like this site. Thank you

    38. George Perna Jr (verified owner)

    39. Becky Saymansky (verified owner)

      I haven’t used them yet, but the container is very sturdy.

    40. james schneider (verified owner)

      I use these in many of my homemade cured meat recipes. A good size container that should last a while and doubles as a storage container as some of the bulk spices I get come in non-resealable bags.

    41. Krikor Demirjian (verified owner)

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    Questions and answers of the customers

      I would like to add Juniper Berry to 12 lbs of Peperoni sausage sticks. Do I want to grind to a powder or just crush 10-12 Berries? Is that enough berries or should i add more or less?
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      Q I would like to add Juniper Berry to 12 lbs of Peperoni sausage sticks. Do I want to grind to a p...... Read more answer now

      You should use a maximum of 2 grams crushed or ground Juniper per kilo of meat. Considering it's Pepperoni, I would grind.