Jalapeno Herb Sausage Seasoning 1lb 8oz

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Our Jalapeno Herb Sausage Seasoning 1lb 8oz is a spicy hot sausage blend that tastes great when smoked or grilled but, it can just as well be made fresh. For anyone that likes a kick with their sausage or just likes spicy food. This is a great tasting blend that allows the natural taste of the pork and spices to come through without being swallowed up by the peppers.

  • Stuff into any hog or collagen casing
  • Recipe on package, Makes 50 lbs.
  • When smoking, use Insta-Cure™ No. 1 and Soy Protein Concentrate or non-fat dry Milk (optional)
  • Insta-Cure™ No. 1, Soy Protein Concentrate, and casings sold separately
  • Nt. Wt. 1lb. 8oz.

Allergens: Soybean oil used in aiding mixing


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26 reviews for Jalapeno Herb Sausage Seasoning 1lb 8oz

  1. Paul Sheffler (verified owner)

    While I prefer non-hot sausage, this mix is very mild and the taste, pleasant. Some Texas types may like to add lots of fresh diced Jalapenos to add more kick.

  2. Phyllis Diane Scheer (verified owner)


  3. Larry LaParr (verified owner)

    First time using this product. Made snack sticks with it, they came out great.

  4. Mike Brockman (verified owner)

    Very good! I made a 10 pound batch of 60% goose and 40% pork and it was excellent!

  5. Scott Harris (verified owner)

    I made the jalapeño with domestic pig it was tasty can’t wait to make it with some wild game.

  6. Jesse Brookens (verified owner)

  7. Robert (verified owner)

    Great taste, great value.

  8. Bonnie Hill (verified owner)

    Tried this on lamb grind, made excellent tasting mix.

  9. Griz44Mag (verified owner)

    The flavor is excellent. I was hoping for a bit more bite, but it is fine just the way it is. I made a second batch and added some fresh Serrano for some added heat. Have not cooked any of that yet, but the batch sample was perfect.

  10. Tyler Bosch (verified owner)

    This seasoning had really good flavor and wasn’t spicy at all. I made a regular batch and added jalapeños and cheddar to a batch and both turned out great.

  11. Alex Szecsodi (verified owner)

    We have not been able to use any of our order as we had the products shipped to our vacation destination. We were extremely pleased how quickly the shipment came and the packaging kept everything safe

  12. John Roof (verified owner)

  13. Ronald Sands (verified owner)

    Awesome flavor with just the right amount of heat!

  14. Richard Steele (verified owner)

  15. Justin Toups (verified owner)

  16. tom furtado (verified owner)

  17. Lowell Gaubert (verified owner)

    I haven’t used this product yet but I’m sure that the quality will be excellent just like all of the products I purchase from the Sausage Maker.

  18. Michael Hey (verified owner)

    I made a pork/chicken 70/30 cured & smoked sausage with this seasoning. It turned out wonderful. I caution that this seasoning includes a lot of different particle sizes and some of the herbs and spices float on top in the jar with the smaller stuff, including salt sinking to the bottom. Be sure to mix the seasoning well before measuring. This stuff was great!

  19. Kyle DeMenezes (verified owner)

    This seasoning mixed very evenly , Brats were a hit.

  20. Marvin Fortkamp (verified owner)

  21. NATHAN BRITTON (verified owner)

  22. Dean Andrisevic (verified owner)

    I blend this with a 50/50 deer/pork butt meat blend and the result is an excellent all purpose sausage. Don’t let the Jalapeno title fool you, it is not hot at all but a sausage the can be used as a breakfast patty, in meatloaf, chili or tacos. One of my favorites.

  23. Joseph Hammerquist (verified owner)

  24. Jennifer (verified owner)

    While we do use it to pre-season a portion of each year’s ground venison, we have found that it is one of our go-to mixtures for cooking. We love it! Especially used over dove and vegetable kabobs before putting them on the grill.

  25. Albert Davies (verified owner)

  26. Marvin Gisler (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, good communication, and correct item received. I am a repeat customer and will continue.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    What are the ingredients? I was wondering if there are any binders in the seasoning blend
  1. 0 votes
    Q What are the ingredients? I was wondering if there are any binders in the seasoning blend answer now

    Salt, herbs, jalapeno peppers and other spices. There are no binders in this seasoning.