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Our Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning 1lb 4oz is a variant of our delicious Italian Sausage Seasoning with the addition of hot peppers for a a little added kick.

Ingredients: salt, spices (including red pepper & fennel), paprika.

The seasoning is mixed without the chemical use of silicone dioxide, an anticaking agent. If the seasoning cakes up, it is not spoiled. Simply shake the container or crush with your hand to loosen.

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Ready to Use
Because the sausage seasoning comes pre-blended, it saves you time and effort of mixing the ingredients themselves. No additional salt needed. Store in cool dry space.

  • Net weight: 20 oz. (1 lbs. 4 oz.)
  • Yield: approx. 50 lbs.*

10 lbs. Recipe

  • 10 Lbs. Deboned Pork Shoulder or 7 lbs. Venison and 3 Lbs. Pork Trimmings.
  • 1 Pint of Ice Water
  • 5 oz. Hot Italian Seasoning

Grind meat through a 3/8″ grinder plate and mix all the ingredients until evenly distributed.

Stuff into 32 – 35 mm hog casings.

Allergens: msg

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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Weight 1.25 lbs

58 reviews for Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning 1lb 4oz

  1. Prospector (verified owner)

    Great convenient packaging

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    Made great sausage. Just like buying from meat market.

  3. Kirby Brought (verified owner)

    Used this product to make a 5 pound test batch of sausage. With no alterations to the directions (other than dividing in half) it resulted in a good sausage. I plan to add a minimal amount of certain ingredients to this product in future batches and expect an excellent result with this product as the base flavoring.

  4. Reuben De Leon (verified owner)

    I have always bought and used this product from you for years. You never let me down with this product. The flavor is amazing.

  5. ALAN GROSSO (verified owner)

    The hot Italian seasoning is very good and hot, The only thing I was looking for is how long I should smoke the sausage for and at what temperature. I know every smoker is different but you can give general guide lines

  6. Joe maykut (verified owner)

    This has some great flavor and plenty of heat. Nice overall taste. I will be coming back for more…

  7. Greg Wirfel (verified owner)

    The hot italian mix has great flavor and plenty of heat to remind you that it is hot italian.

  8. Carmen Heubel (verified owner)

    Good product

  9. Sean Pulliam (verified owner)

    Needs absolutely nothing

  10. Brian P (verified owner)

    I added a little more crushed red pepper flakes to the mix, but I like things a little more hot than the normal person.

  11. Ron Harris (verified owner)

  12. David Lewis (verified owner)

  13. Lerinda Parah (verified owner)

    Very satisfied

  14. MATT NEALON (verified owner)

    Very good just the right heat

  15. Ed Prihode (verified owner)

  16. G Gillotti (verified owner)

    Everything was fine. I haven’t ‘purchased much over the past several years, but what I do purchase has always been of good quality. I’ve tried other sausage product suppliers, but your selection has been top of the line, and that is what I like the most.

  17. Kara Tenpas (verified owner)

  18. Randy clayton (verified owner)

  19. Chester Crooks (verified owner)

    the shipping was fantastic we use this recipe for a fund raiser at our local american legion our customers love it thank you chester b crooks commander

  20. Marty Meierotto (verified owner)

    We haven’t tried it yet.

  21. Brett (verified owner)

    Just the right amount of heat. Great flavor

  22. Sarah Sweeney (verified owner)

    If you like hot Italian this is the seasoning to use. Perfect sausage mix for hot chili and spaghetti.

  23. Marcus Forbes (verified owner)

    Made ten pounds of sausage with this spice mix. Great flavor. Used some in spaghetti and it was wonderful.

  24. John Gansereit (verified owner)

  25. Brian Reisman (verified owner)

  26. Darrell Nevers (verified owner)

  27. DENNIS ARCHER (verified owner)

    Order was shipped promptly and seasonings are great.

  28. Carl Allen (verified owner)

  29. Toni Turr (verified owner)

  30. JAY (verified owner)

    Best one so far.

  31. TomW (verified owner)

    I had been using LEM seasonings for the last 5 or 6 years. I’m glad I tried The Sausage Maker seasonings, I like them better and are about half the cost. Will continue to use. I made a 25 pound batch with half pork butt and half venison.

  32. Pat Petro (verified owner)

  33. Sonny boy (verified owner)

  34. john Hourigan (verified owner)

  35. John Vanherk (verified owner)

  36. Donna Lew (verified owner)

  37. Roger Taylor (verified owner)

    Great seasoning but I like it a little hotter more crushed red pepper

  38. Stanley Page (verified owner)

    easy to follow directions and yummy sausage

  39. Thomas Painter (verified owner)

    My favorite sausage seasoning I have bought from you or anywhere else!!

  40. Ron Radecki (verified owner)

    We make bulk venison hot Italian sausage using hot Italian seasoning. It’s perfect in chili’s, hot dish’s, lasagna, or anything we make with ground venison.

  41. Ernest Prince (verified owner)

    Excellent flavor over the top with pepper jack cheese.

  42. Chris (verified owner)

    Love this seasoning mix. I mix this with my wild hogs and turn out the best lasagna spaghetti and pizza ever.

  43. Gabriel Greco (verified owner)

  44. Vinny (verified owner)

    easy to use and very good quality

  45. Vermont Customer (verified owner)

  46. Noah Brown (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this blend for a few years now to make bulk and link venison sausage. Tastes great with a 50/50 blend of venison and pork.

  47. Al Gerrity (verified owner)

    I cannot find a good hot sausage pattie in my area so I decided it was time to make my own. I ordered the mix after reading and researching. I’m very happy with my purchase. The taste is outstanding. I’ll be back to order casings next.

  48. Robert Julian (verified owner)

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a little spicier than I like, but I blend it with the Mild version and it’s just right. I make it in 1 lb rings and smoke it in applewwod. This has been afamily favorite for years!

  50. Josh Woodrick (verified owner)

  51. robert mcnamara (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and always great products

  52. Jeffrey Novicky (verified owner)

    It’s a hit
    with bases loaded
    Walk off homerun

  53. Brad Dennison (verified owner)

    Thought I had ordered mild but it is good

  54. John Vialpando (verified owner)

  55. Harold Rondan (verified owner)

    Being a first time customer did not know what to expect. Everything that I ordered was exactly what I was expecting. I’m gonna try the breakfast sausage necks. If you have any recommendations please let me know. See you guys soon

  56. Mike Andreyka (verified owner)

  57. michael demars (verified owner)

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

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Questions and answers of the customers

    how hot is this ingredient on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hotest
  1. 0 votes
    Q how hot is this ingredient on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hotest answer now

    Everyone has a different heat tolerance. I would say this is a 3. It has alot of flavor with a mild kick. You can always add a bit more cayenne or crushed red pepper if you like it hotter.

  2. Does this contain any milk ingredients?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Does this contain any milk ingredients? answer now

    No. It does not contain any dairy products.

  4. What is the ingredient list, please? Is there MSG in it?
  5. 0 votes
    Q What is the ingredient list, please? Is there MSG in it? answer now

    Salt and spices including fennel and red pepper. NO MSG.

  6. does this have fennel in it ?
  7. 0 votes