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Honey Ham Cure is an excellent cure that infuses hams with a delicious sweet honey flavor. Comes with full instructions using a brine. For best results, hams should be stitch-pumped using a meat pump with perforated needle.

Net weight: 2 lbs. – make 2 gallons of brine

Instructions (Click here for printable pdf)
In a large food safe container, mix 1 gallon cold water* with each 1 lb. of Honey Ham Cure. Using this ratio mix enough brine to fully submerge the meat you’re curing. Stir vigorously and thoroughly to dilute ingredients into a brine solution. Meat should be fully submerged and in refrigeration temperature (38-40°F) when brining. Use non-chlorinated water only.

Salt, Honey Powder, Sodium Nitrite (1.74%), Soybean oil used to aid in mixing process.

Allergens: Soybean oil used to aid in mixing process.



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Weight 2 lbs

14 reviews for Honey Ham Cure

  1. CHRIS BAKER (verified owner)

    work good

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My first time brining and smoking a fresh ham. Results were omnomnomnom!

  3. GORDON COLLIER (verified owner)

    With a mix I always worry about proportions. Is there enough insta-cure in it. Was the feeder station running out and the production line continued running?
    Let me tell you, this product works perfectly. The quality control is very high. My bacon and ham turn out great. This is a great turn key solution for curing.

  4. Bruce Spaght (verified owner)

    Perfect, just what i ordered

  5. Tom Kennerk (verified owner)

  6. Jackie Lohr (verified owner)

    I am currently soaking the meat, so I don’t know about flavor yet, but the process was so easy!! I have tried mixing my own brine in the past and never felt confident that it was safe. This was SO EASY!! Two gallons of water mixed with the container of brine, add a bit of cure, inject and soak in refrigerator. Thank you for a great product!!

  7. Paul King (verified owner)

  8. william c.rogers (verified owner)

    Used and was very happy with the taste.

  9. Chad Larsen (verified owner)

  10. Frederick Chase (verified owner)

    Easy to use and taste great!

  11. Randy Neal (verified owner)

    Have not Received it it didn’t come with the rest of the order. I called them and they are taking care of it.
    They were very polite ,on it to take care of their customers.
    As far as ready in the product I can’t because I don’t have it yet. I believe they are five star for customer service.

  12. Mike Braswell (verified owner)

    The product worked great but was a little lacking in instructions for a first time user. I got my answers from Google but done additional instructions on Prep and content would be helpful. Don’t get me wrong, the product shipped quick and arrived on time and performed great. I just think a little more instruction would be helpful.

  13. Jun Martin (verified owner)

  14. Daniel Pytel (verified owner)

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Can I reuse and store leftover liquid brine?
  1. 0 votes
    Q Can I reuse and store leftover liquid brine? answer now

    No. That is called BACKSLOPPING and can be very dangerous, as bacteria will form in old brine and you could become sick.

  2. Do I need a insta cure if I purchased the honey ham cure?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Do I need a insta cure if I purchased the honey ham cure? answer now

    Nope... Its in there already. It says CURE on the label