Hickory Sawdust, 5 lb. Bag

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This natural Hickory Sawdust is an ideal option to induce smoke into meat. Made from 100% pure hickory trees and no chemicals. Sawdust is formulated with the needs of federally inspected meat and food establishments in mind. For best results, the sawdust should be slightly damp before using.

Please note: Weight is approximate. Due to changes in humidity and temperature, product may weigh less than 5 lb. when stored.

We also have Apple  and Cherry in 5 lb bags.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 3 in

32 reviews for Hickory Sawdust, 5 lb. Bag

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This stuff works much better than the chunks.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Been using this for years. Works great!!

  3. Lawrence Wirth (verified owner)

    I liked this WAY better than using chips. I got smoke fast and the food came out awesome!

  4. Kevin Cooper (verified owner)

    Have not ordered from Sausage maker in a while, but am impressed with new site! Easy and glad they use PayPal.


  5. Thomas Demo (verified owner)

    Adds a great flavor to my meats.

  6. James Bess (verified owner)

    Love using this to smoke bacon. Your website is great- many fine products

  7. Donald McKaig (verified owner)

    loved it

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    The sawdust smelled great when I opened the bag, and depending on your application they would work great. I wouldn’t call this sawdust as much as really small chunks. I couldn’t keep them lit in an A-Maze-N cold smoker tray. I’m unsure if it was the sawdust’s size or the moisture inside of the wood.

  9. Melvis Nimmons (verified owner)

    Excellent for smoking meat. Great flavor,

  10. Roger Nash (verified owner)

    I’ve used this sawdust for many years and it is the only brand I buy. It is a fine chip like consistency that produces a good even smoke pattern without excessive heat. I hope that this remains available because it’s the best I’ve found.

  11. Digger (verified owner)

    Just getting into smoking our own sausage.Trying to figure out what to use. Sawdust ,chips,or wood????

  12. Rose Gordon (verified owner)

    Great hicory flavor and long lasting smoke

  13. Lawrence Alger (verified owner)

    My smoker would not produce smoke unless it was at the hot end of the dial. The sawdust does not take much time until it is smoking the meat.

  14. Walter Krockta (verified owner)

    stores well,sturdy bag,good size sawdust

  15. john m (verified owner)

    If you’re sick of impure foul tasting chips and sawdust, give this a try. I got sick of playing roulette with hardware store brand wood chips and 30# of sausage. I’ve gotten very consistent results and wouldn’t use anything else. I ran out recently and had to run to the hardware store and got reminded why I switched a long time ago.

  16. Herbert Mauro (verified owner)

  17. Peter Sobotta (verified owner)

  18. Nathan McPeak (verified owner)

  19. Paul Nielsen (verified owner)

  20. John Jordan (verified owner)

  21. Roger Newman (verified owner)

  22. Ronald Branch (verified owner)

    Used the Hickory Sawdust in a Smoker box with my electric smoker today. This was the first time I have used sawdust. I have used wood chips in the past. I smoked a cured pork belly to make homemade bacon. The sawdust worked perfectly. One box of it gave out smoke for four hours. It was still smoking when I took the pork belly off at four hours. Imparted a great hickory smoke flavor to the bacon. The bacon turned out really good! I think I will use sawdust from now on over chips with my electric smoker.

  23. Daniel Roberts (verified owner)

    Smoked a few pounds of Samlon and it cNe out great!

  24. Chad Thompson (verified owner)

    Do yourself a favor go to Waltons! No service with these folks

  25. James Oberle (verified owner)


  26. Brad Saver (verified owner)

    Sawdust produces great smoke!

  27. David Smith (verified owner)

    nothing better than hickory wood, this saw dust is great when you need smoke at low heat.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great flavor and burned so evenly in my electric smoker as opposed to woodchips.

  30. Roger Nash (verified owner)

    The fine sawdust works perfect with an electric smoker. I’ve used this for many years and have never found a better product.

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great couldn’t have been better

  32. Michael Fick (verified owner)

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