High Temp Pepper Jack Cheese, 1 lb.

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Our non-melting pepper jack cheese is specifically formulated to hold its shape in smoking and cooking temperatures up to 400°F, so you can stuff and smoke a delicious, cheesy sausage with just the right amount of kick. And you won’t even have to worry about creating a melty mess in the kitchen! Our pepper jack high temp cheese stands up to whatever you can throw at it, including stuffing and cooking. Easily regulate the amount of super-flavorful pepper jack that goes into each recipe with our manageable diced pieces, packaged into a one-pound order.

Make your favorite cheese franks or try a new, slightly spicy recipe with a cheesy surprise inside! Pepper jack high temp cooking cheese is a meat and cheese lover’s must-have ingredient, but you can include it in any dish that requires a sturdy pepper jack that won’t get gooey in high heat. Use one pound of cheese per ~10-12 pounds of meat for a nice balance of flavors and textures.

Net weight: 1 lb. (16 oz.)

IMPORTANT: During warmer months of the year, we will be shipping cheese on Monday’s and Tuesday’s ONLY. If your order is placed on any other day of the week it will not be shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 6 × 2 in

101 reviews for High Temp Pepper Jack Cheese, 1 lb.

  1. Daryl Reeves (verified owner)

    Great additon to our 21mm sticks or trail bologna.

  2. Chris Powell (verified owner)

    But did with the cheddar. So far works as advertised. Plan on putting this into a German garlic sausage.

  3. Patrick Handy (verified owner)

    Adds great flavor to my brats and lives up to its name,hi melt

  4. Timothy Marchant (verified owner)

    great product no melting not hot.
    fast shipping well packaged

  5. Jeffery Clopper (verified owner)

    It`s great that you have this hi temp cheese . You can`t just go to the store and by hi temp cheese. Thank you for having this product.

  6. Rick Morrell (verified owner)

    As you would expect enough bite to add flavor

  7. Brian Dykstra (verified owner)

    Love this stuff in brats

  8. Thomas Hagler (verified owner)

    This cheese has a good flavor but isn’t spicy at all.

  9. dj (verified owner)

    Great product and price along with fast shipping

  10. KENT DURHAM (verified owner)

    Excellent product, will buy more.

  11. Phyllis Diane Scheer (verified owner)


  12. RS (verified owner)

    Great customer service and cheese is exactly what I expected

  13. Patrick Kader (verified owner)

    The casings and high temp cheese that I ordered were excellent. One recommendation for those making their sausage ahead and allowing time for the spices to “meld” before smoking is to add the high temp cheese just before stuffing. I added mine a few days before and it became a bit mush.

  14. Mark West (verified owner)

    Awesome. Worked well

  15. Kevin Lutz (verified owner)

    Not sure where else to purchase this product but it came in a timely manner and will be using this weekend

  16. Darren Grumbine (verified owner)

    This was the perfect cheese for a kinda bland deer stick recipe.

  17. John Hardy (verified owner)

    First time using this product but very happy with it. The cheese incorporated into the sausage easily, and when cooked, it stayed in the casing as it should. Two thumbs up.

  18. Greg Johnson (verified owner)

    Have not had a chance to use the cheese but plan on it this weekend.
    I can only imagine it will work well and the pieces are consistent in size.

  19. andreas welter (verified owner)

    Great taste and texture

  20. Cindy Williamson (verified owner)

    Cheese was warm and sticking together

  21. Tracy Mapus (verified owner)

  22. Cris (verified owner)

    LOVE everything we purchase from you guys Everything is great quality and shipped quickly!

  23. Steve Overacker (verified owner)

    Perfect addition to my summer sausage

  24. Jerry Morris (verified owner)

  25. Robert Hughes (verified owner)

  26. Stan Puterbaugh (verified owner)

    Always great 5 star

  27. scotty hughlett (verified owner)

    Excellent products and very good company to do business with.

  28. Amy Mowry (verified owner)

    Great product

  29. Paul Coenen (verified owner)

    The cheese is ok. Nothing special.

  30. thomas mccain (verified owner)

    Good product

  31. Brooke Petty (verified owner)

    Nice cheese, not a whole lot of spice but great taste.

  32. Karpenske Leroy (verified owner)

  33. Wesley Branham (verified owner)

    Haven’t used yet buy looks of excellent quality

  34. james campbell (verified owner)

    Really good with just a little pepper zip

  35. Sarah Sweeney (verified owner)

    Great cheese doesn’t melt and good flavor.

  36. David Waters (verified owner)

    Put in the cracked pepper and garlic SS, The crowd favorite

  37. Deby Inskeep (verified owner)

    This is very flavorful and doesn’t melt away when smoking our sausage

  38. Christopher Galer (verified owner)

  39. Michael Campbell (verified owner)

  40. David Leitschuh (verified owner)

  41. Arthur Crumb (verified owner)

  42. T B (verified owner)

    Added this to deer summer sausage… freaking amazing

  43. Brian Long (verified owner)

  44. Roderick Walker (verified owner)

  45. Mike Dahler (verified owner)

  46. CURTIS DENNIS (verified owner)

    Product arrived in excellent condition and still cold due to the ice packs. When I need more I will purchase them from The Sausage Maker.

  47. Matthew Nagar (verified owner)

  48. Lowell Gaubert (verified owner)

    Same as the Jalapeno Herb Seasoning haven’t tried it yet.

  49. Kevin Goff (verified owner)

  50. David Peters (verified owner)

  51. Michael Gerhold (verified owner)

    Excellent product lots of flavor love making the sausage with the high temperature cheese and adds another dimension to the final product can’t wait to try the pepper jack with the jalapeno cheese sausage that I’m going to make poor boy restaurant on their menu they call them for boys they get to say how it’s spelled in French

  52. Adam Back (verified owner)

    Cheese works well in summer sausage.

  53. Andrew Mravlja (verified owner)

  54. Jake King (verified owner)

    Great cheese for any kind of sausages

  55. Mark Shelton (verified owner)

    i will be able to use the high temp cheddar that I received. i like to use the pepper jack because it adds a nice amount of zip. I going to make a batch with cheddar and horse radish and see how that works out. i just wanted to let you know for inventory purposes.

  56. Al Royer (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff I added this to my venison bologna this year, smoked with mesquite, everyone loved it!

  57. Brenda Russell (verified owner)

  58. Bill Cook (verified owner)

  59. Shawn (verified owner)

    Works and tastes great for smoking

  60. lynn SWARD (verified owner)

    Have not used yet, excited to try cheese other than cheddar.

  61. John Collins (verified owner)

    This was back ordered but did arrive a few days later than the original order

  62. Stanley Page (verified owner)

    Goes well in Jalapeno summer sausage

  63. Ruben Wetherell (verified owner)

    I have not tried the pepper jack cheese, but I have used the cheddar and swiss, hope it is a good 🙂

  64. Timothy Jones (verified owner)

    Great with free shipping.

  65. Kyle Leachman (verified owner)

    The pepper jack was good. My only knock is there was a decent amount of busted up powdery cheese in the package.

  66. Ernest Prince (verified owner)

    Amazing the flavor and moisture it adds

  67. michael tucker (verified owner)

  68. Steve (verified owner)

  69. Gary Pohl (verified owner)

  70. Maureen Meldon (verified owner)

    Ordered the pepper jack but received cheddar

  71. Niebur, Tony (verified owner)

  72. Rick Harrison (verified owner)

    Good taste easy to work with

  73. MICHAEL Wilcox (verified owner)

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

  75. MICHAEL Wilcox (verified owner)

  76. MICHAEL Wilcox (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with your products! Long live Rytek Kutas!

  77. Peter Krueger (verified owner)

  78. Karen M Kephart (verified owner)

  79. John Huzsek (verified owner)

    works great in all of the uses

  80. Michael Wilcox (verified owner)

  81. ryan (verified owner)

  82. Bryan Hess (verified owner)

    A must have for great sausage

  83. Terry Scott (verified owner)

    going to be using this week in another batch of summer sausage

  84. andres guzman (verified owner)

    Taste wonderful

  85. Mike Stadler (verified owner)

  86. Matthew Cannon (verified owner)

  87. RK (verified owner)

    Made some cheese sausage/brats, came out great. Cheese is so tasty.

  88. Jason Davis (verified owner)


  89. scott dimick (verified owner)

    You guys are great, however I think I ordered hi temp blue cheese and never received it?

  90. Anonymous (verified owner)


  91. Michelle Smith (verified owner)

    haven’t used it yet.

  92. Tom Miller (verified owner)

  93. Brandon owens (verified owner)

    I added 1 lb each hi temp cheddar and hi temp pepper jack to a 25lb batch of jalepeno summer sausage. Turned out great, and the cheese really helped add depth to the flavor.

  94. Charlie (verified owner)

    Used with my Teriyaki Summer Sausage, worked great!

  95. Jim (verified owner)

    Awesome taste and holds up very will

  96. Mark Hiegler (verified owner)

  97. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exceeded expectations

  98. jack (verified owner)

    This is a great flavor for your baloney when you need to spice it up a bit. Performed well in the smoker

  99. Cary Scholtes (verified owner)

    The Best Hi-temp cheese on the market! Excellent flavor for a roasted poblano and pepper jack brat!

  100. MK (verified owner)

    Nice little tang in the cheese went great with the smoked pork sausage. Will get again.

  101. Shawn Burd (verified owner)

    I was politely informed that I needed to use this type of cheese. So here I am!

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    It should only take a day or 2.

    A It took 8 days for order to even process and has been an additional 8 days and still not received.
    A Ordered... said it shipped Mondays priority... still sitting in their warehouse...
    A i live in SE Connecticut and usually receive my deliveries in 1-3 days from them. Of course they are dependent on UPS/USPS etc. but they process and ship promptly
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