High Temp Cheddar Cheese 5 lbs.

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Our High Temp Cheddar Cheese 5 lbs. is made specifically to withstand smoking and grilling temperatures up to 400°F. High temperature cheese is specially made so that it will not melt when cooked under normal smokehouse temperatures. High Temp Cheese gives a creamy flavor to your sausage products.

The 1/4″ dice is a perfect size for all types of sausages from big bologna to snack sticks and burger patties. Our high temp cheddar cheese is ideal for summer sausage, cheese franks or brats.

Our cheese also comes in 1 lb. and 5 lb., bags. We have the following types available: Mozzarella, Bleu Cheese, Pepper Jack and Swiss.

For best results, we recommend using 5-10% cheese to ground meat or 0.5 to 1 lb cheese per 10 lbs. of meat.

Keep refrigerated.  Freezing not recommended.

  • Melting point of cheese is 400°F in sausage
  • Use 1 lb. of cheese per 10-12 lbs. of meat
  • Net weight: 5 lb. (80 oz.)

    Shipping Information
    During warmer months of the year, we will be shipping cheese on Monday’s and Tuesday’s ONLY. If your order is placed on any other day of the week, it will not be shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Allergens: Milk

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    Weight 5 lbs

    40 reviews for High Temp Cheddar Cheese 5 lbs.

    1. Danny Havens (verified owner)

    2. Jonathan Beasley (verified owner)

      Very pleased with the cheese will definitely prefer again or try the pepper jack

    3. Carl Smith (verified owner)

      Cheese was well made and packaged. Shipping was fast.

    4. Anonymous (verified owner)

      We received all orders on time and it was easy to order online and reorder online, as well. We will definitely be ordering from them again.

    5. Joseph S (verified owner)

      Great price and perfect for what I need it for.

    6. Steven Brieger (verified owner)

    7. Rodney Brooks (verified owner)


    8. MICHAEL LEE (verified owner)

    9. lynn SWARD (verified owner)

      Always works well for sausage making.

    10. John Boettcher (verified owner)

      This is the second bag of cheese this season. Our crew just loves the flavor enhancement in our Venison Summer Sausage when we added Hi-Temp Cheddar Cheese. It keeps it’s shape while we smoke sausage to 158 degrees. Great product!

    11. Dennis Peters (verified owner)

    12. Joseph Hale (verified owner)

    13. BernieS (verified owner)

      Always a great addition to my deer baloney

    14. RONALD BATES (verified owner)


    15. Paul England (verified owner)

      I am well pleased with the items I have ordered got here on time and I will be ordering from You all next time thank you so much.

    16. steve hunt (verified owner)

    17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    18. Clay Thompson (verified owner)

      Awesome for making cheesy venison hot dogs

    19. Jeffrey Schmidt (verified owner)

      Holds up well when smoking and cooking.

    20. gerald bollinger (verified owner)

    21. Jaysson Funkhouser (verified owner)

      Tastes great and doesn’t melt.

    22. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Perfect size and quality of taste. A true high temp cheese.

    23. William Goffredo (verified owner)

    24. Richard Welsh (verified owner)

    25. Stanley B Ross II (verified owner)

    26. Roger McKnight (verified owner)


    27. Roger Minger (verified owner)

      I put this stuff in my snack sticks smoked them low and slow for 4-5 hours. EXCELLENT!

    28. Donald Eichorn (verified owner)

      I used some of this cheese to make deer sausages. It works great and tastes great in the sausages as well.

    29. Dave (verified owner)

    30. MK (verified owner)

      Used in summer sausage with jalapenos goes very nice when cold

    31. Todf (verified owner)

      Lives up to its name it didnt melt and provided a good flavor. Will use again.

    32. Riley Junek (verified owner)

    33. TIMOTHY REYNOLDS (verified owner)

      Placed order Monday night, 2nd day UPS. Kn my hands Thursday, so quick processing of order. First time making summer sausage, turned out great! Cheese has excellent flavor, creamy texture in the sausage.

    34. Steve Cook – Wild Fig BBQ (verified owner)

      This completely changed our sausage game. No more moisture loss and shape shifting.

    35. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Held up very well on the smoker, beautiful result! Please bring back free shipping!!

    36. Ray Herrick (verified owner)

      I have had several people try my Venison summer sausage with hi-temp cheese. They all loved it, best they have ever had & wanted more!!

    37. Mike Bearden (verified owner)

      I’ve got cheese casing other stuff good service only problem is UPS don’t knock on my door but gives my dogs everything they deliver I’ve tried putting large ice chest with 4foot by 4 foot signs asking them to put inside ice chest!!! But have had 50 dollars worth of cheese an other items all over my yard.

    38. wildfiglv (verified owner)

      Awesome product! No more blowouts and the flavor is amazing.

    39. Chuck B

      Order the 5 lb cheddar. Came fast and in great condition. Can’t wait to make sasauge.

    40. Charles Briese

      Ordered the 5 lb cheddar. Came fast and in great shape. Will work great in my sasauge.

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    Questions and answers of the customers

      What are the ingredients in this cheese?
    1. 0 votes
      Q What are the ingredients in this cheese? answer now

      Ingredients: Cultured milk, salt, enzymes, water, cream, sodium phosphates, salt, ascorbic acid (preservative), vegetable color (annatto and paprika extract), powdered cellulose (to prevent caking), natamycin (preservative).

    2. Can the 5lb bag be parsed into 1lb bags and frozen?
    3. 0 votes
      Q Can the 5lb bag be parsed into 1lb bags and frozen? answer now

      You could, although we don't recommend freezing the cheese, as it will clump together

    4. Under normal shipping circumstances/temperatures (USPS), how long will the cheese go without spoiling? Can you ship it frozen or white dry ice?
    5. 0 votes
      Q Under normal shipping circumstances/temperatures (USPS), how long will the cheese go without spoi...... Read more answer now

      We ship the cheese all year long in all weather conditions. It will not melt, and is shelf stable. We do not ship with dry ice. The cheese is perfectly fine no matter what temperature it arrives. Once received, place in refrigerator for 24 hours before using.

    6. My cheese order (11 lbs) arrived and the cheese was 90+ degrees. The package says “Keep Refrigerated”. Is it still usable? I have sent an email to your customer support as well.
    7. 0 votes
      Q My cheese order (11 lbs) arrived and the cheese was 90+ degrees. The package says “Keep Refrigera...... Read more answer now

      Hi Anthony. Yes, your cheese is just fine, as I explained in my reply email to you. Please refrigerate for 24 hrs before using.

    8. Why is the price higher than advertised?
    9. 0 votes
      Q Why is the price higher than advertised? answer now

      The sale is still active until further notice!

    10. Is this in Canadian $
    11. 0 votes
      Q Is this in Canadian $ answer now

      No, because we are an American company

    12. can you freeze this cheese for later use
    13. 0 votes
      Q can you freeze this cheese for later use answer now

      Yes, this cheese can be frozen up to one year. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

    14. Refrigerator life? & or can freeze?
    15. 0 votes
      Q Refrigerator life? & or can freeze? answer now

      The cheese should last 3 months in the refrigerator and a year in the freezer

    16. Any idea when this will be available again?
    17. 0 votes
      Q Any idea when this will be available again? answer now

      Cheese is in stock NOW