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Ground thyme is a versatile aromatic herb that has been reduced to a fine powder, providing a concentrated flavor to a wide array of dishes. It is derived from the dried leaves and flowers of the Thymus vulgaris plant, a member of the mint family. Ground Thyme is great in clam chowders, chipped beef, stuffing’s and seafood. It is also good when making pickles and relishes. You can sprinkle it over eggs or sliced tomatoes.

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29 reviews for Ground Thyme

  1. August Winterstein (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised. Great product for a great price

  2. stephen dorey (verified owner)

    all spices have been used in various recipes and work very well.

  3. kim gibson (verified owner)


  4. Herbert H (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased a number of different spices from the sausage maker, all of them are quite fresh and at a great price. Containers such as these, have mostly disappeared from the local stores around here. But then again, the shipping department at the sausage maker, is so fast that it makes a trip to town unnecessary.

  5. Robert Reiske (verified owner)

    Other than a problem trying to access the “cart icon” on the web page, the prices are great, service is great and the product is excellent quality and fresh. Key ingredients in a good sausage.
    Thank you!

  6. Clayton Kline (verified owner)

  7. Jerry Harrison (verified owner)

    Even though its dried it smells very fresh.
    I bought this for sausage making but use it all the time in the kitchen

  8. Matthew Novosel (verified owner)

  9. Fred R (verified owner)

    Very difficult to find ground thyme then remembered The Sausage Maker from years ago that I have purchased numerous items from. Sure enough they had everything I needed to start smoking meats again. I told many of my friends about the place to get their curing and smoking supplies.

  10. julius seyller (verified owner)

  11. Russ McNitt (verified owner)


  12. TODD TIMM (verified owner)

  13. robert brown (verified owner)

  14. Glenn Burkey (verified owner)

  15. Joseph FanFarillo (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Roderick Walker (verified owner)

  18. J Christopher Heil (verified owner)


  19. stephen waldman (verified owner)

  20. Charles Beckley (verified owner)

  21. Tina Sanchez (verified owner)

    Good flavor. Blends well and again a great price for the amount. I will definitely be using this company again.

  22. michael Sellner (verified owner)

  23. Brant Lindsey (verified owner)

    I purchased this for making my own seasoning and rub mixes and it is exactly what I was looking for and works great.

  24. Roger Nash (verified owner)

    Also used this in my chicken seasoning and it provides more flavor.

  25. Dan Bowman (verified owner)

  26. horst schach (verified owner)

  27. MATTHEW NOVOSEL (verified owner)

    2nd to none

  28. Marty (verified owner)

    I’m always pleased with the value of the ingredients that I get from The Sausage Maker!

  29. kenn roth (verified owner)

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