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Ground oregano possesses a robust, earthy flavor with a slightly bitter undertone and a hint of spiciness. Its taste is aromatic, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, and it adds a distinctive herbal depth to dishes.

Flavor Profile
Ground oregano offers a bold, earthy flavor with a subtle bitterness and a touch of spiciness. Its aromatic profile is distinctly herbaceous, evoking the essence of the Mediterranean region. This versatile spice adds a rich, herbal depth to a wide range of dishes.

Ground oregano is a versatile herb that enhances the flavor of various dishes. It’s a key ingredient in many Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. Common uses include seasoning meats, especially in marinades and rubs, as well as flavoring sauces, soups, and stews. It’s also a popular addition to pizza and pasta dishes, salads, and Mediterranean-style roasted vegetables. Additionally, oregano is a crucial component in many spice blends, like Italian seasoning, and can even be infused into oils or vinegars for a fragrant twist.

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  • Net weight: 12 oz. (340g)

Also available: Whole Oregano

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22 reviews for Ground Oregano

  1. stephen dorey (verified owner)

    all spices have been used in various recipes and work very well.

  2. kim gibson (verified owner)


  3. robert bigelow (verified owner)

    Very good

  4. Nathaniel Pearrie (verified owner)

    Quality product at a great price. One of my favorite
    seasonings for my style of sausage

  5. Russ McNitt (verified owner)


  6. robert brown (verified owner)

  7. Angelo Castelli (verified owner)

    Fair price

  8. Joseph FanFarillo (verified owner)

  9. Jose Jordan (verified owner)

    Ground oregano is hard to find in such large quantities as I purchased from your site. Whole, dry oregano can be purchased everywhere, but not the ground kind in such large quantities as I got from The Sausage Maker. I will order again!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The item I received from The Sausage Maker completely satisfied my expectations, and it arrived quickly and conveniently. Spices of a particular type obtainable in bulk can be hard to find, but this vendor supplies a welcome variety at reasonable cost.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Christopher Quigley (verified owner)

    Very good. We use this stuff all the time.
    BBQ, smoking and sausage. We use this a lot for pizza sauce.

  13. Angela Roden (verified owner)

  14. Tina Sanchez (verified owner)

    Great product for blending into meats. Great price too.

  15. Gary Snyder (verified owner)

  16. Jerry Harrison (verified owner)

    The Sausage Maker carries only the best and this no exception.

  17. Brant Lindsey (verified owner)

    I purchased this for making my own seasoning and rub mixes and it is exactly what I was looking for and works great.

  18. Dan Bowman (verified owner)

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Came earlier than projected taste great will order again thanks for a great product!

  20. Donna James (verified owner)

    Great job! I will buy again!

  21. R.I. (verified owner)

    My brother adds a lot of Oregano to his entrees often. He visited me recently and casually said: “It’s easy to find Oregano in the spice section of all the stores, but here lately, I can never find GROUND Oregano! I once found a tiny (& very expensive!) McCormick container, but I can’t even find that anymore…& I’m OUT!” When he left, I immediately got online, looking for only “GROUND Oregano”. I found the VERY BEST DEAL at Sausage Maker website! Though I have never heard of your company (forgive me!), I wanted to at least try to get your large container of this. When it arrived, I was EXTREMELY PLEASED & EXCITED! I gave it to him “for Valentine’s Day”, and he was totally overwhelmed! He was MORE THAN PLEASED to get it, and I was so DELIGHTFULLY HAPPY I ordered from you!
    Thank you & God bless your company!

  22. Sandee Chaddock (verified owner)

    Thank you. Great order

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