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Ground Cumin spice as a key flavor in American chili and barbecue sauces, certain Swiss and Dutch cheeses, Mexican bean dishes, and many Central Asian dishes. Ground Cumin has savory pungency has been essential in curries for thousands of years.

Flavor Profile
It can add nutty warmth, pepperiness and smokiness with a faintly musty aroma to all manner of dishes. Ground cumin has an amazing flavor that enhances earthy dishes like roasted vegetables, braised onions and braised cabbage. The somewhat bitter, aromatic flavor is crucial to good chili. Add a teaspoon or two of ground cumin spice to your next batch of guacamole – you won’t be disappointed.

You can sprinkle Ground cumin in your stir fry dishes, curries, soups, salads, chaats etc. It is best to use this when you are about to finish in stir fry and soups. To use it in curries, use it along with coriander powder or garam masala. To use it in raita, salads and chaats, sprinkle as much when you are serving. Ideal spice for homemade sausages.

Product Details:

  • Net weight: 16 oz. (453g)
  • Goes well with homemade sausages,cabbage, parsnip, eggplant, onions, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, pomegranate, dates, rice, beans, lentils, lamb, beef, chicken, and venison
  • Use it in deviled eggs, soups, sauerkraut, pork and cheese

Also available: Whole Cumin

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 8 in

24 reviews for Ground Cumin

  1. Sanford Stretton (verified owner)

    What a great a aroma and flavor!

  2. bob (verified owner)

    very fresh

  3. MaasMan (verified owner)

    For the price, the quality and quantity provided is difficult to beat! I will definitely be back to purchase more (although it might take before I need to with the quantity purchased).

  4. Fred Bragg (verified owner)

  5. julius seyller (verified owner)

  6. tim toth (verified owner)

  7. Joseph FanFarillo (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am a repeat customer so, I knew that I could expect the same high quality that I had gotten in the past.

  9. Ronnie Strunk (verified owner)

  10. ROD BEITELSPACHER (verified owner)

  11. alan penfield (verified owner)

    Great value

  12. Niebur, Tony (verified owner)

  13. Christopher Quigley (verified owner)

    Very good. We use this stuff all the time.
    BBQ, smoking and sausage. Great for salsa.

  14. Gregg Romano (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about the products and service we receive from the Sausage Maker. Everything we order is top notched and produces a delicious sausage or salami every time.

  15. Brant Lindsey (verified owner)

    I purchased this for making my own seasoning and rub mixes and it is exactly what I was looking for and works great.

  16. robert zunk (verified owner)

  17. Dan Bowman (verified owner)

  18. Jimmy Mack Computers (verified owner)

    The freshness and package size along with the price of the what i will call normal over the counter spice bottles for me will never happen again after i received the FAST Shipment FROM The Sausage Makers. Now i got onto the website by mistake i was redirected. But they had everything and MORE that I was looking for. Now what I plan on doing is Refilling the small spice containers with the unbelievable LARGE or Restaurant size I received. THANKS FOR A OUTSTANDING PRICE AND PRODUCTS.

  19. Sandra Powers (verified owner)

  20. Denise M (verified owner)

  21. Gerardus van Helvoort (verified owner)

    value for money

  22. Andrew Ricci (verified owner)

  23. Jace B. (verified owner)

  24. AARON CORY (verified owner)

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