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Our German Sausage Seasoning 1lb 8oz is a great addition to any Oktoberfest celebration or any other time of the year. This popular blend can be made fresh or smoked.

It is made with salt, nutmeg, pepper, other spices and spice extractives.

The seasoning is mixed without the chemical use of silicone dioxide, an anticaking agent. If the seasoning cakes up, it is not spoiled. Simply shake the container or crush with your hand to loosen.

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Ready to Use
Because the German Sausage Seasoning 1lb 8oz comes pre-blended, it saves you time and effort of mixing the ingredients themselves. No additional salt needed. Store in cool dry space.

10 lbs. Recipe

  • 10 lbs. boneless pork butt or use 7 lbs. venison & 3 lbs. fatty pork butt.
  • 1-2 pints of ice water
  • 4 1/2 oz. of German seasoning
  • 2 cups soy protein concentrate (for smoked sausage)
  • 2 teaspoons lnstacure #1 (for smoked sausage)

Pork butts are ground through a 3/16″ grinder plate. Venison is ground through a 1/4″ or 3/8″ grinder plate.

Thoroughly mix ingredients with meat and may be Stuffed into 32-35 or 35-38mm hog casings.

Refrigerate overnight. Sausage can either be cooked or frozen for future use.

When making smoked German sausage, 2 teaspoons lnstacure #1 and 2 cups soy protein concentrate must be added.                                                                                        

Sausage is placed in a preheated smokehouse at 130°F with dampers wide open, until casings are dry. Gradually increase temperature to 165-170°F with dampers 1/4″ open. Apply heavy smoke until internal temperature reaches 152°F.

Remove from smokehouse and shower with cold water until internal temperature is below 120°F. Allow sausage to hang at room temperature for about 30 minutes or until the desired bloom is obtained. Place in refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

    Allergens: MSG

    *Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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    31 reviews for German Sausage Seasoning 1lb 8oz

    1. David Canada (verified owner)

      Great product!! Seasoning was excellent , and easy recipe to make my first time at home sausage.. Ty

    2. David Harold Foster (verified owner)

      Never tried before, but expecting it to be as good as the others we have used in the past.

    3. Georgette Rath (verified owner)

      Fantastic! We really loved the sausages with this spice.

    4. CP (verified owner)

      Mild flavor with a hint of bologna on the back-end taste. Not a favorite of mine, but would definitely be better cold smoked.

    5. Brian (verified owner)

      Made 20lbs of German Sausage. Seasonings are the best.

    6. DOINA DUMITRESCU (verified owner)

      Already used the seasoning.
      Wonderful taste!

    7. Nicholas (verified owner)

      Used the German Sausage Seasoning for the first time and plan to use it now every time. Loved the taste

    8. Dan Whitney (verified owner)

      Made this and all who have tried my german sausage give it great reviews in the flavor and texture.

    9. Ben Mendoza (verified owner)

      I have used this product in the past and is a favorite with my family

    10. TJ Smalley (verified owner)

    11. John Smith (verified owner)

    12. Anonymous (verified owner)

      The balance of spices in this seasoning is perfect.

    13. Melissa (verified owner)

      These remind of me the homemade ones my grandma made.the seasoning is so good

    14. Scott Manson (verified owner)

      Good flavor

    15. charles keltz (verified owner)

      Love this stuff

    16. Greg Ross (verified owner)

    17. Sandy S. (verified owner)

      We had a problem with our order going to the wrong location and they were so kind and thoughtful. they fixed us right up. What we ordered was way better then we thought. Definitely going to be our go to place for making sausage in the future.

    18. RICHARD GRAVES (verified owner)

    19. MATT KOSTIELNEY (verified owner)

      Outstanding Flavor

    20. Rod BEITELSPACHER (verified owner)

    21. Frank Zampella (verified owner)

      Very good.

    22. William Carpenter (verified owner)

      My #1 Link Sausage that I make from this Season and I have shared it with some of my friends and they love it also. My go to Link sausage to make when I need a snack.

    23. Michael Karst (verified owner)

    24. Richard Wolske (verified owner)

      I’ve been making this sausage for year’s and it’s AWAYS great !

    25. Don Coatney (verified owner)

      Everything came fast. Packaging was great and seasonings are ecelent

    26. Donald Glass (verified owner)

      Made this as A fresh sausage enjoyed the mild seasoning. Not all sausages have to taste like Johnsonville. Am looking forward to trying this as A cured sausage. May make A nice snack stick.

    27. Paula Jordan (verified owner)

    28. William Sheppard (verified owner)

      I’ve used this seasoning longer than I can remember. I love the fact that I can make 1 or 50 lb. Batches. The seasoning also doubles as a BBQ smoking rub.
      I enjoy mixing the German sausage with ground beef for an amazing meatloaf.

    29. Craig McDonald (verified owner)

      Great flavor.

    30. Dylan Torrey (verified owner)

      I’ve had and love both the kielbasa,and the Midwest bratwurst,looking forward to trying the German!your seasoning blends have all been the best I have tried,and excellent customer service.Customer for life

      Thanks,Dylan Torrey

    31. LOUIS STUVLAND (verified owner)

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    Questions and answers of the customers

      What "German Sausage" is this? Weisswurst, Bratwurst, Thuringer or what.
    1. 0 votes
      Q What "German Sausage" is this? Weisswurst, Bratwurst, Thuringer or what. answer now

      None of the above. This is typical of a smoked sausage in Bavaria, similar to Mettwurst with a hint of caraway.

    2. How many pounds will a jar make
    3. 0 votes
      Q How many pounds will a jar make answer now

      50 lbs of sausages per jar of seasoning


      50 lbs of sausages per jar of seasoning

    4. What is the meat ratios?
    5. 0 votes
      Q What is the meat ratios? answer now

      The container/recipe calls for 100% pork, but if you choose to use Venison, you should also incorporate at least 25 - 30% Pork shoulder, or fatty pork.