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Garlic powder is a versatile seasoning used to add a savory, garlicky flavor to a wide range of dishes. Sprinkle it on meats, vegetables, or in sauces and soups to enhance their taste with a convenient and long-lasting garlic punch.

Flavor Profile
Garlic powder has a pungent and robust flavor that is distinctly garlicky, albeit milder than fresh garlic. It offers a concentrated, earthy taste with a hint of sweetness, making it a versatile seasoning for various savory dishes. Garlic Powder is widely used in restaurants in place of fresh garlic.


  • Seasoning Meats and Vegetables: Sprinkle onto meats like chicken, beef, or pork before cooking. It adheres well and infuses the meat with flavor. Toss vegetables in a bit of olive oil and sprinkle garlic powder before roasting or grilling.
  • In Sauces and Soups: Stir into sauces, gravies, or soups for an instant garlic kick without the need for mincing fresh garlic.
  • Marinades and Rubs: Include in marinades for meats or use it as part of a dry rub for barbecuing or roasting.
  • Baking: Add a pinch to bread, pizza dough, or even certain savory pastries for an extra layer of flavor.
  • Dips and Dressings: Mix it into mayonnaise, salad dressings, or sour cream-based dips for a delicious garlic twist.

Remember, garlic powder is more potent than fresh garlic, so start with a small amount and adjust to your taste preference. 

Product Details:

  • Net weight: 16oz. (453g)
  • use on steak, chops, pizza

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Weight 1 lbs

70 reviews for Garlic Powder

  1. William Lawrence (verified owner)

    The historical family recipe calls for garlic…lots of garlic. This fits the bill.


  2. ronnie allen (verified owner)

    Quality seasoning

  3. Richard Nitsch (verified owner)

    I use this in all my sausage recipes for consistent flavor every time.

  4. bernard klocko jr (verified owner)

    I have been doing more biz with you folks because of your quality service, shipping, price and attention to my needs!! Thank you for being out there. Semper Fi! Godspeed! Bernie

  5. kim gibson (verified owner)


  6. BelleBoy (verified owner)

    Really fine. Not granular at all. Added a beautiful crust to pork loin.

  7. Rory Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price!

  8. Herbert H (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased a number of different spices from the sausage maker, all of them are quite fresh and at a great price. Containers such as these, have mostly disappeared from the local stores around here. But then again, the shipping department at the sausage maker, is so fast that it makes a trip to town unnecessary.

  9. Larry Pizon (verified owner)

    My favorite seasoning for many dishes. Like to add more garlic to suasages.

  10. MaasMan (verified owner)

    This is the finest (as in particle size) of Garlic powder that I’ve ever purchased. It “poofs” out of the bottle like talcum powder. It takes a little bit to get used to it, but it mixes into food extremely well and has fantastic flavor. For the price, the quality and quantity provided is difficult to beat! I will definitely be back to purchase more (although it might take before I need to with the quantity purchased).

  11. John Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Fresh sealed containers. Good seasoning.

  12. jamie walp (verified owner)

    Just as advertised and FAST shipping Thanks

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    good garlic powder

  14. Terry Dillman (verified owner)


  15. Sandra Sadley (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality & good price. Fast delivery

  16. Matthew Novosel (verified owner)

  17. Robert Wade (verified owner)

  18. Neal Duncan (verified owner)

    5 star

  19. Charles Manning (verified owner)

  20. Russ McNitt (verified owner)


  21. Xavier Martin (verified owner)

  22. William Eggers (verified owner)

    The best quality for the best price.

  23. Anthony Barker (verified owner)

  24. tim toth (verified owner)

  25. Daniel Fedor (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied with the spice I ordered. It was delivered very promptly and arrived in time for my cooking needs.

  26. Mark (verified owner)

  27. Angelo Castelli (verified owner)

    Fair price

  28. Guest (verified owner)

  29. James Przybylski (verified owner)

  30. Joseph FanFarillo (verified owner)

  31. ROD BEITELSPACHER (verified owner)

  32. Pasquale lerro (verified owner)

    Adds just enough taste without overpowering the dish

  33. James Parsons (verified owner)

  34. robert feyl (verified owner)

  35. Janet Bruelhart (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Fresh, easier to measure than any we have had before.

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

  37. melvin beisel (verified owner)

  38. jeffrey klippenes (verified owner)

    was shipped onion powder not garlic powder

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

  40. Michael Karst (verified owner)

  41. Robert Weschler (verified owner)

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. Clint (verified owner)

    Great products friendly service I have ordered many times and always satisfied

  44. Christopher Quigley (verified owner)

    Very good. We use this stuff all the time.
    BBQ, smoking and sausage. We use this for taco and chili seasoning. One of our kids will not eat the chili unless it is our homemade seasoning.

  45. Daniel Baer (verified owner)

    high quality garlic powder, fine texture, excellent aroma and taste

  46. Robert Felch (verified owner)

  47. Wade Ferderer (verified owner)

  48. Brant Lindsey (verified owner)

    I purchased this for making my own seasoning and rub mixes and it is exactly what I was looking for and works great.

  49. carol chrynwski (verified owner)

  50. Robin Dawe (verified owner)

    Added this to your Uncle Abe’s Jerky Seasoning.
    Best tasting batch yet.

  51. robert zunk (verified owner)

  52. Dan Bowman (verified owner)

  53. Mark Storrs (verified owner)

  54. Michael Baker (verified owner)

  55. Jimmy Mack Computers (verified owner)

    The freshness and package size along with the price of the what i will call normal over the counter spice bottles for me will never happen again after i received the FAST Shipment FROM The Sausage Makers. Now i got onto the website by mistake i was redirected. But they had everything and MORE that I was looking for. Now what I plan on doing is Refilling the small spice containers with the unbelievable LARGE or Restaurant size I received. THANKS FOR A OUTSTANDING PRICE AND PRODUCTS.

  56. Sandra Powers (verified owner)

  57. MATTHEW NOVOSEL (verified owner)

    ya gotta love it

  58. Todd Forsythe (verified owner)

  59. G.D. Hieronymus (verified owner)


  60. al shaver (verified owner)

  61. Leo Van Sambeek (verified owner)

    I would be good if you could supply a recommended amount per pounds of meat. I found that 1 Tbls per 20 pounds gave a hint of garlic. Have not tried yet, but I think 1Tbls per 10 pounds might be about right (for my taste)

  62. Dale Daniels (verified owner)

  63. Norman Wright (verified owner)

    This will be the first time using this particular type/brand of Garlic Powder and it seems much more potent then what I have used in the past. Gona put it to use next week, will let you know after that.

  64. Steve E. (verified owner)

    The very best Garlic Powder I have ever used. Been buying it for many years. Awesome service and awesome products!

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased herbs and spices from The Sausage Maker for a number of years. MUCH more cost effective for me to buy large jars, opposed to small expensive bottles from the grocery store! The quality and price of the herbs and spices earn a 5 star review from me AND the ordering process and shipping are efficient! Thank you for a quality product at a reasonable price!

  66. Jim (verified owner)

  67. Clevie Wingate (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this order and everything I have ever purchased from The Sausage Maker. Thank you.

  68. Bryan Hess (verified owner)

    High quality, great price and fast shipping.

  69. Dan Whitney (verified owner)

  70. Steve (verified owner)

    packaged nicely, seems to be a good product so far

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    Where is the garlic source?
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    Our garlic powder and granulated garlic is sourced domestically.