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Fresh Collagen Casings 32mm is a popular size for making Italian, Bratwurst, Bockwurst and Chorizo sausages. The casings are thin and tender and virtually adhere to the meat after they are stuffed.

This casing is used for fresh sausage only. These casings are pleated into strands that can be unfurled and placed on  1/2″ or 3/4″ stuffing tube.

Fresh collagen casings are thin and tender and virtually adhere to the meat after they are stuffed. Made from the hide of cattle, edible. Keep refrigerated.

Fresh Collagen Casings 32mm Product Details:

  • Edible
  • Fresh sausage only
  • Ideal for Italian, Bratwurst, Bockwurst and Chorizo sausages
  • Size: 32mm (1 ¼)
  • 3 strands per package
  • Total length of casings: 74 feet
  • Use with  1/2″ or 3/4″ stuffing tube
  • Stuffing capacity per package: 36 lbs.*
  • Strand collagen casings should never be wetted or soaked
  • Keep refrigerated

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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63 reviews for Fresh Collagen Casings 32mm

  1. Karla Uphoff (verified owner)

    Came quickly in great condition. Thanks

  2. Vonnie Bergman (verified owner)

    We have used the Fresh Collagen Casings for several years making our own Jalapeno sausage links and Hot Italian sausage links. We are very pleased with them. Thank you

  3. Richard Robbins (verified owner)

    the casing look great, if they hold as much produce as advertised they are much more cost effective than anything local

  4. John Dunkle (verified owner)

    We always look forward to making our own sausage and the casings from the Sausage Maker make it easy for us.

  5. Ben Runco (verified owner)

    I use these for Bratwurst, and they are perfect for this. Product arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

  6. Anthony Becampis (verified owner)

    Received everything ordered.

  7. Vonnie Bergman (verified owner)

    Have ordered these for years and are very happy with them

  8. Mike Ceglenski (verified owner)

    I experienced some cracking with these casings

  9. Wade Clark (verified owner)

    First, these were the first casings, first attempt at stuffing ever for me. I had them split a lot, a bit of a fight. But some of it was a learning curve I’m sure. After a few hours of these I went to the same casings in the smaller 22mm size. Had zero splits or problems with the 22mm, which made me think it wasn’t just my inexperience. I still have some of both casings, maybe I’ll like the 32’s better after a little more experience. If not, I’ll go to another type of casing.

  10. David (verified owner)

    Having only used natural casings before, dealing with the casings was always my least favorite part of the work. The collagen casings were significantly easier to work with, took no preparation, and withstand way more abuse than the standard natural casings do.

  11. Tareg Odeh (verified owner)

    Your staff are friendly but I’ve asked several times for more information regarding best bets and tips on how to work with the Fresh Collagen Casings and best way to link and cut sausage but not enough information was available. It would be great to send me additional information on how to best work with this type of casings because when you twist and cut, the casings doesn’t hold the twist and sausage starts to come out

  12. Bruce Grange (verified owner)

    This was my first year to try collagen casings and in not sure? The Fresh was definitely thinner than the smoked and will split like gut. The smoked is stronger and I liked it for stuffing but it is a little tough and thick on the grill. My wife has dentures and had to skin the smoked to eat it. I also had troubles twisting the links because i over filled the casing. it looks very good, but i need to learn more about the collagen, Ill probably go back to pork gut.

  13. vitaliy berlov (verified owner)

  14. H. C. BECKMAN (verified owner)

  15. Randy clayton (verified owner)

  16. George Dobson (verified owner)

    mmmmm good

  17. william schultz (verified owner)

    these worked EXCELLNT, better than described

  18. Richard Bressler (verified owner)

  19. Tim Crawford (verified owner)

  20. Dennis Yates (verified owner)

    This company is amazing. Order placed and received fast, very fast! Great quality! Will be ordering from them many times!!!

  21. john hashagen (verified owner)

    Used for our Sweet Italian sausage

  22. Rebecca Zawisky (verified owner)

    Great, durable item. Just ordered another set!

  23. Richard Bucsis (verified owner)

  24. John (verified owner)

    Typical collagen casing. Worked as expected. Liked the shorter lengths as opposed to typical long lengths sold elsewhere.

  25. george dobson (verified owner)


  26. Donny (verified owner)

    Sausages stuffed easily and cooked up great with these fresh collagen casings.

  27. David Douglas (verified owner)

  28. JAY (verified owner)

    I prefer this casing best.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    O.K. our normal casings we use

  30. Marshawn Gaines (verified owner)

    We are please with the fast service and convenience.

  31. Rodolfo Bieder (verified owner)

    Excelente servicio, el envío todo OK, el producto es excelente para hacer chorizo tipo argentino. Seguiré comprando este producto para la elaboración de nuestro chorizo.

  32. BRIAN BOVILLE (verified owner)

    Great casings. Love the snap but not TOO tough. Love.

  33. foodie (verified owner)

    Makes stuffing the casing fast! Simple and easy to put on the stuffing horn, and comes off equally as well as it is being filled.

  34. John Vanherk (verified owner)

  35. Terry Todd (verified owner)

  36. David Joseffer (verified owner)

    Sometimes I just don’t have the patience to mess around with natural hog casings. The collagen casings come to the rescue every time. Always available at the instant, no need to prep, just slide “em on and away you go!

  37. Ernest Prince (verified owner)

    Worked good

  38. Mark Klein (verified owner)

  39. Brian Farkas (verified owner)

  40. Keith Broman (verified owner)

  41. Mark Giles (verified owner)

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. Bella Lerner (verified owner)

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The collagen casings are easy to use with my sausage stuffing unit and hold up very well. They last a long time in the frig.

  45. Kevin (verified owner)

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fresh and easy to use.

  47. James A. Williams (verified owner)

    Great product, exactly what I needed

  48. Jan Zunk (verified owner)

    high shipping

  49. Anthony Bruno (verified owner)

    Everything is fantastic, Thank you

  50. Rod BEITELSPACHER (verified owner)

  51. Eric Sproveri (verified owner)

  52. Nathen Dawson (verified owner)

  53. gerald bollinger (verified owner)

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

  55. Eugene Kendall (verified owner)

    I been using these for years works great