Food Grade Silicone Spray



  • Use to protect all metal parts on any processing equipment
  • Washes off easily and does not get gummy like other spray oils
  • No build-up
  • Lubricates, repels water, and provides protective coating

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Use this Food Grade Silicone Spray to protect metal parts on your grinders, stuffers, saws, knives, etc. No build up. Lubricates, repels water, and provides a protective coating. Complies with FDA regulations.

Food-Grade Quality: This silicone spray is safe for use on food processing equipment, complying with FDA regulations. This means it meets the strict safety standards required for anything that comes into contact with food, ensuring that its use won’t contaminate food products.

Multipurpose Application: It’s ideal for protecting metal parts on a wide range of equipment including grinders, stuffers, saws, and knives. This versatility makes it a valuable tool in both commercial and home kitchens.

Protection and Maintenance: By applying this spray, you create a protective coating that not only lubricates but also repels water. This helps in preventing rust and corrosion on metal parts, extending the lifespan of your equipment.

No Unwanted Residue: Unlike other lubricants that might get gummy or cause build-up over time, this silicone spray promises easy wash-off without leaving any gummy residue. This feature is especially important in maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of food processing equipment.

USDA Approved: In addition to complying with FDA regulations, the spray is also USDA-approved. This endorsement further confirms its suitability and safety for use in environments where food is processed.

Safety and Convenience: Being odorless, non-toxic, and tasteless, it won’t alter the sensory qualities of food products. Plus, the BPA-free packaging ensures no harmful chemicals leach into the spray, maintaining its purity.

Practical Packaging: The product comes in a 9.25 oz. can, which is a convenient size for regular use, offering ample product for multiple applications without being too bulky to store.

This Food Grade Silicone Spray is a practical solution for anyone involved in food processing or preparation, providing essential maintenance and protection for equipment while ensuring safety and compliance with health regulations. Its specialized formulation and multipurpose design make it a valuable addition to any kitchen or food processing facility.

We also have LUBRIPLATE.

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